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Found 6 results

  1. Reverse logic

    What really puzzled me over the years about this section of the forum and a wide spread idea on the internet is that retention is a way to conserve energy or accomplish something. I have experienced the other way around. That "rising in vibration" made me desire less until it kinda faded completely. I see it more as a measure than a method.
  2. I practice retention even though I have sex regularly with my girlfriend, but I was just looking for some thoughts on what you think a reasonable frequency to release might be for a guy who is 23 going on 24. I know that the production of the male essence decreases with age so it's important to watch it, also it's winter here and as is advised i pretty much avoid it entirely lol. Not sure if I'm at the age yet I have to start worrying about loss of virility though. My reasoning is that I have become acutely aware of the energy difference before and after ejaculation, the mood difference, how long it can take to recharge via rest and nutrition, and also my partner and I have better intimacy the longer I retain. At the same time, sometimes you gotta let it go lol, and even though I practice circulation exercises I've found the jing and yang energy can stagnate somehow and it becomes uncomfortable. Just looking for some advice. Thanks
  3. First off, this is a real issue and would really appreciate any help - especially from men that have explored this. What I am hoping to do is find someone who can help me unblock some energy. Specifically - and I apologize for the personal nature of this - I have problems having an orgasm. Everything is fine physically, 54 years old and in perfect health. All of this happened after a divorce. I am guessing my mind decided to block my ability to easily reach orgasm. I am fully aware of energy blockages and mental blockages and I have both. So I have been meditating on my chakras and other things are working. But most of the time men are looking to last longer, my issue is the opposite. I want it ejaculation to happen and not be a marathon. I am with a life partner now that I plan on marrying. In my last relationship it was a terrible issue and in some ways ruined it for me. It becomes very frustrating and then each time there is failure it just gets worse. What I am I hoping for? A technique or method to move energy and focus to the proper areas that I can practice over and over... If any of you out there are familiar with this energy and are able to encourage an orgasm through moving energy or things like that, please let me know. Thank you.
  4. Some questions on ejaculation

    Morning all, I would be interested in your views on the following: Does ejaculation occur when the body cannot handle the increased tension brought about by stimulation any longer, a kind of short circuit mechanism? Is it possible to relax the nerves/ body so much as to be able to handle this increased sensation indefinitely? Is anyone actually practically able to do this? If so how? I'm sure some of you will say there are other more worthwhile avenues to pursue..but let's just focus on the question for what it is.. if you don't mind? Feel free to pm me Have a great day Wb
  5. Hey everyone! I've been training very hard and I want to progress as quickly as possible but I've run into a bit of a road block. I am required to take at least 72 hours off of training every time I ejaculate whether it be while I'm awake or asleep because if I don't it would result in a torn dan tien. This used to not be that much of a problem since I rarely had nocturnal emissions and as I'm not married I don't have sex. However for the past couple weeks I've been having wet dreams every 2-4 days and can rarely get a day of training in. Usually as soon as my three day break is almost up, I lapse again and have to take three more days off. This is really annoying because I'm really motivated and anxious to progress and rarely being able to train is killing my progress! I've done a bunch of research but usually the best advise people give to have less wet dreams is to masterbate or have sex. This does me absolutely no good, because the point is to not ejaculate regardless of the way you do it. I have found a few tips like sleeping on your side with one leg on top of the other and that not staying warm helps (sounds a little bit miserable), but does anyone else have any ideas that might help?
  6. Please dont dismiss this question as some cheesy, lame girls pick-up interest or locker-room talk, iam happy living with my girlfriend for several years now and also have broad interest in eastern body cultivating excercises and iam just describing EXTERNAL SYMPTOMS of something i believe is of greater importance going on inside the body (a natural order of things) that iam curious about - i assume it has something to do with sexuality and who knows more about sexuality than eastern philosphies... I notice this "weird" thing for several years now. Iam an average looking guy 193cm high, 30 years of age, normal physique (not athletic by any means). Normaly through out the day i dont get any significant eye-contact from girls other than typical cassual by-passing looks in public transport, shopping malls, etc... nothing significant or intentional from girls towards me... iam just an invisible average joe to unknown women... but whenever i ejaculate (masturbation or sex with my gf) the next day i feel like somebody exchanged my face for brad pitt - what iam describing next can easily happen within single day... girls going in opposite direction on street hold looong eye-contact starting from far distance and keep on looking as they walk past me, when sitting in metro some girls cant help looking away and than back at me and than away and after a while back at me - several times, sometimes across the whole metro vagon - sometimes i must almost escape from the metro its almost unconfortable... (iam not the kind of guy who is like a fish in a water flirting with girls), but there is more... occasionally some girl park a totaly zoned-out "dear cought in head light" frozen stare at me until she realises and looks away... the weirdest example must be when i pass by on long metro escalators (slowly going up) and there is a girl going opposite direction (down) which doesnt see me at all - she is looking away but suddenly she almost twitch her head around and looks directly at me and stares for a while - almost as an animal catching a sniff of pray in a wind - he twitches his head in the incoming direction and hypnotise the prey... this happend to me few times already and only on days after ejaculation (24 hours)... i also get these "electrical" looks, where we meet in same shopping mall with particular girl several times during 1 hour (she is shopping around, iam shopping around so we pass by, here and there) and each and every time she looks at me for looong time - after about 5th "loong and electrifing" look across the ailes within few minutes we both start to laugh... the previous examples can all accumulate within 1 day when i cruise the city - its like waking up in a crazy hollywood film for 24 hours - i turn from regular joe to playgirl model, just for 1 day how do i know this is not placebo ? because after about 24 hours its gone TOTALLY - no matter what i do the following days (stand on my head) girls just dont see me - iam invisible regular joe again... this can go for week or more (sometimes i have sex but dont ejaculate), until i ejaculate again - BANG ive got 24 hours in the "spotlight", regular as a clockwork... the difference is so striking (normal days vs. 1 day after ejaculation) and so perfectly time-constrained it cant be coincidence or placebo... Before you condemn this text as pubescent locker-room talk - try to imagine yourself in this "unwanted" or unplaned situtation - i love my girlfriend and have no intention to cheat on her but every time i ejaculate (masturbation or sex) for 24 hours ONLY i wake up in this other reality where beautifull girls really do give me signs of favour and price - its a textbook example of potence and i believe it all comes back into a circle of sexuality, health, life vigour and energy - its just fantastic feeling for a man no matter if you have a loving and stable relationship or not. But after 24h you crash back on earth. I dont know many man who honestly wouldnt want to investigate whats behind this sudden fluctuation if sexual potence.