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Found 18 results

  1. Hermits (2015) This documentary reveals the daily lives of Zhongnan hermits. 1h 27min English subtitles Storyline . . . 25 years ago, American author Bill Porter (a.k.a. Red Pine) went to the Zhongnan Mountains to seek out modern Chinese hermits. His resulting book, Road to Heaven, was a touchstone for many westerners wondering what remained of Buddhist and Daoist asceticism in China. Now, for the first time, Bill Porter revisits Zhongnan to seek out those who seek from within, living quiet lives of deep devotion in some of the world's most stunning locales. ~ Emei Movie Channel Directors : Shiping He, Peng Fu, Chengyu Zhou Writers : Peng Fu, He Shiping, Chengyu Zhou Review by a 2015 Alexandria Film Festival judge . . . "Are you here, Master?" This documentary follows a 71 year old American, Bill Porter, to a mountainous area of China. 25 years ago he visited and wrote a book about the solitary monks who live here in the mountains, some in caves. Now he returns to see how the hermits are doing. Some whom he met have died but he finds the area still populated by male and female monks who spend their days in meditation, chanting, and exercise. The camera follows him as he laboriously moves from site to site and talks with different hermits about how they spend their days. The movie is slow and deliberate. Nothing is sudden or sharp. We see the author climb up narrow paths to knock on different doors and ask, "Are you here, Master?" Everywhere you look you see the mountains, lush vegetation punctuated by craggy rocks, and at the monks' residences, evidence of their Spartan existence. As the movie progresses we see that, not only does the American know the language, he also has extensively studied and translated Buddhist teachings into English and can carry on conversations with the monks about their own thinking. Some have read his book and that provides him credibility as someone whom they can trust. Production wise the photography, editing, and soundtrack are beautiful. The mountains are gorgeous and the sounds of insects and birds permeate every scene. Common everyday objects and activities are presented in carefully framed and lit views. But the pacing is slow and deliberate. That will be part of the appeal to the viewer who is curious about these people and why they live as they do; others might be bored. The conversations are not terribly deep but we do occasionally see glimmers of insight into why the hermits cut themselves off from "civilization" like this.
  2. Hi everyone, How wonderful to find this online community! I have been learning Daojiao Lishi Quanfa for over 18 years now and have been coaching a class in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK for around 8 of those years. It is an ancient art and science that teaches the cultivation of Qi/Chi. Lishi (It's shortened name) is made up of two main arts; the Yin Arts and the Yin Plus Arts. The Yin Arts consist of slow, soft movements and exercises to nourish and cultivate the chi energy of the body. The Yin Plus Arts use the overflow of Qi developed in the Yin arts in a faster, more dynamic way. During the classes students are introduced to a wide range of exercises that make up Lishi. including Li style Daoist Taijiquan (Tai Chi) forms including the Square Yard and Flying Hands. Kai Men, a system of Daoist Yoga to open up your energy channels. Dao Yin, breathing exercises and callisthenics for good health. Qi Gong where students will learn how to use and direct their intrinsic energy and Feng Shou (Hand of the Wind) Kung Fu, a dynamic soft system of self-defence I found out about a temple in Salford known as the Tian Cheng Heavenly City temple recently and asked them if we could set up an interview. Though not a traditional Daoist temple, there were definitely strong influences from Daoism and I was interested in whether we had common themes to our journey. Daoists all over China and the World start their journey to find The Way or the Path through their own medium. I’ve heard of Taoists using music to find Dao, Calligraphy to find Dao, physical practice as we do in Lishi to find Dao and religious practice. When I heard of The Tian Cheng Heavenly City Temple that had opened in Salford, Greater Manchester, I felt compelled to meet them and discover if there were similarities and common themes to our journeys in search of The Way or The Tao. They were extremely gracious in hosting me. The conversation we had was fascinating with two of their senior representatives. They agreed to allow us to film the interview so that we could share it widely. If you’re interested in searching for Dao through a physical ancient whole body system that is accessible for anyone, old or young, big or small please visit to find your nearest class. Or come and visit my class in Salford, Greater Manchester if you're ever about If the interview/conversation sounds like something you'd like to see, let me know and when it has been edited I can post out a link for you to all see, Thanks again Wan-Ley
  3. Iceland was one the last countries to convert to Cathlocism. Gues what that means? Many of the pagan folk traditions were not able to be completely snuffed out by dogmatic religion. The magick is alive!. Whole country still speaks Old Norse and many of the people believe in Elves (a type of nature spirit). Cool documentary.
  4. - Full-length documentary, "The Dhamma Brothers". There are some video updates on the program and some of the inmates if you do a search on the net.
  5. The following is a documentary (in Mandarin) from China, from the early nineties or so I believe, showing a Chinese qigong master demonstrating various impressive looking feats. I realize that any decent stage magician could duplicate such feats using magician's tricks, but that doesn't mean that what is shown in this video is necessarily tricks. Some of the feats perfomed by the qigong master in this documentary are things such as breaking cutlery in various ways, breaking a brick at a distance without touching the brick and then getting an audience member to repeat the same feat, and a few other things including doing a qigong healing session on someone and pulling reddish liquid out of the patient's forehead without breaking their skin, and transporting a fish out of a river or lake or whatever supposedly by using qigong and making the fish appear in a basin of water (yeah I know this sounds very fishy ). If you post a comment saying that you believe this is nonsense because any magician can do tricks like that you won't be saying anything that isn't already understood, but the information I am looking for is if anyone knows who the qigong master is who is shown in this documentary, and if anyone knows any details about him. I don't speak mandarin so I don't know what they say about this qigong master in this video. "The Possibilities of Qigong"
  6. Muay Thai Documentary 8 Limbs: Life Of A Nak Muay- Born For The Fight- Muay Thai Boran The noble Art- Training- Heavy Bag power training- Head High kicking- Kicking trees-
  7. Here is a BBC documentary interviewing many scientists and experts who have conducted scientific research on Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences- YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt1 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt2 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt3 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt4 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt5 of 6 YouTube - The Day I Died. NDE + Consciousness Documentary Pt6 of 6 In modern times 2 factors have allowed NDE's to be proven, modern resuscitation techniques and the fact that heart attacks are now very common. Many cardiologists are investigating this subject rigorously. With modern medicine this phenomenon has become more common as people are brought back after being pronounced clinically dead with no heartbeat and no brain function more and more through surgery, emergency medical treatments, etc. My understanding is that people before they die will often have out of body experiences leading up to their death, and when they die they float above their bodies and up to the outer atmosphere of the earth, from there they enter a tunnel with a light at the end of the tunnel, when they reach the light they begin to have a complete flashback and review of their entire lives, and then they enter into the pure light, but some are then told they can go back and that they're body has been brought back by the surgeons. People have been able to float above their bodies and see things on the floors above them that they couldn't have known, or seen things on high shelves that could only be seen if they were floating above it Here's a scientific article i found on the subject although i am sure there are even more rigorous ones with harder proof, i just don't have all that much time to read and find them at this moment Article: Near Death Experiences Oh what's that? Real data? oh too bad so sad The existence of mind and conciousness is not dependent on matter, and to view mind as being created by brain chemicals is a simplistic and ridiculous notion Although sicence is often pure nonsense, sometimes scientific studies can be very rigourous when it comes to observing a specific phenomena, the exact times when people are clinically dead are monitered closely in each case. People see things happen that they could not have seen or things that happened definitely while they were dead. The whole point of the study is to find objective evidence of and corroboration of the accounts connecting to real events. NDE have been studied for over 25 years all over the world by prestigous scientific institutions The Lancet: Near-death experience in survivors of cardiac arrest more-
  8. Wu Dang Temple Monks

    National Geographic documentary "Wu Dang Temple Monks"-
  9. A part of a BBC investigative series about religion. Here the religious and spiritual systems of China are examined including the principles and practice of Taoism- [media][/media ] [media][/media ]
  10. Boddhidharma & Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands Info on Boddhidharma (also known as Damo, Tamo, or Tatmo), the first Patriarch and founder of Zen Buddhism who traveled from India to China where he taught Yoga and the 18 Lohan Hands exercises, to the Shaolin Monks. These exercises became blended with many fighting arts over time. However, Bodhidharma did not agree with the Chinese Emperor's philosophy, because the Emperor thought he should build great temples in worship of Buddha and that was the best way to get to heaven and gain merits. But Boddhidharma knew it was only a person's heart that mattered and whether you are a good person. The Emperor and Boddhidharma did not agree, so Bodhidharma went to the Shaolin Temple and taught there. When he arrived he found the buddhist monks had poor concentration and their bodies were weak, so he taught them the 18 Lohan Hands routine. The 18 Lohan exercises Shaolin temple Videos Chinese sub-titled documentary about Shaolin Temple- Hai Teng and Shaolin- Shaolin Temple - Shi DeYang and Shi Suxi National Geographic, Myths & Logic of Shaolin Kung-Fu Music Video- Cool Shaolin Kungfu demonstration videos Videos with a monk named Shi Yan Ming Shaolin Kung Fu Shi Yan Ming in People and Arts Channel Si Fu Shi Yan Ming permormance in NBC Channel Shi Yan Ming Monje Shaolin visita Mexico Shaolin Child this video has close ups of the indented floors, made from years of monks stomping down on them- Training- shaolin entrainement 1 Shaolin taizu changquan YouTube - Shaolin taizu changquan
  11. The Life of the Buddha

    Here is a cool BBC Documentary entitled "The Life of the Buddha"- [media][/media ]
  12. Children Remembering Past Lives Here is an ABC program investigating how in modern times 2 and 3 year olds are remembering detailed accounts of their previous lifetimes. One boy featured on this program remembers fighting in World War 2, and remembered details he simply shouldn't have been able to have known about at his age. He even remembered the real names of his fellow soldiers who fought with him. Even more interesting, there appears to be a link between illnesses and injuries, and past lives. Like someone who had been shot in the throat still has throat problems as a toddler in their new life. Reincarnation, toddlers remember lives in WW2 [media] [/media] [media] [/media] BBC Learning, scientists investigate- [media] [/media] [media] [/media]
  13. The Science of Sex Appeal

    A lot of info in this Documentary- One thing I especially find interesting... is that you always hear preachy, unrealistic, or idealistic people complaining about how they don't like it when people are rated on their physical attractiveness based on a scale of 1 to 10. Yet, in reality, when scientists want to study attraction and sex appeal, and how they affect social dynamics, in the scientific studies they rate people's physical attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.
  14. Sufi of Afghanistan

    Here is a cool documentary by Arnaud Desjardin about the Sufi of Afghanistan. Although it is not in english, it is still cool to see- [media][/media ] [media][/media ] [media][/media ]
  15. The Science of Lust

    Here is a Discovery channel documentary I found called the Science of Lust. I especially found interesting the part where they had men draw a picture who had sat in a waiting room prior to drawing, and then compared them to drawings done by men who waited in a room with a beautiful women prior to drawing. No contest, the group who interacted with the beautiful woman prior to drawing were much more creative and detailed. I think this clearly shows how important it is to be "in state" in your life. You have to have the right mind state. Really you need the right mind state, and body state. A state of awesomeness, like a true star shining, a state of alpha male-ness, of pumping life energy, rushing endorphins, pulsing blood, flooding dopamine, and blasting testosterone. This is the way to functioning at full capacity in life. The Science of Lust- [media][/media ]
  16. Wired for Sex

    Interesting documentary relating to cultural programming, marketing, and technology
  17. Here is the excellent PBS Frontline documentary "From Jesus to Christ- The First Christians". Part 1- Part- 2- Article with Scholar Dr. Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels- from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels There is even further reading, and educational articles relating to the program on the PBS website.- FRONTLINE: from jesus to christ - the first christians | PBS
  18. Secrets of the Maya Underworld

    Here is the BBC program "Secrets of the Maya Underworld"- Deep Beneath the Yucatan Peninsula is a vast network of Cenotes connected through underground passages, underground caves and underground flowing rivers. It is no wonder the Mayans believed the Cenotes to be the Gates to the Underworld. Some of the Cenotes are indeed truly beautiful and breathtaking. Deep in the Underworld modern researchers have even found the bones of Mammoths that went extinct 10,000 years ago. Modern science has not even begun to discover or comprehend the full implications of the secrets which lie beneath the Maya Underworld. Articles-