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    Hello daobums. This has been burning in my mind for the longest time. The question of Destiny. I've had people I've discussed the law of attraction with, about how people practice belief and positive thinking of something but it still never works out for them, and they've stated that , YES, spirit exist universally for us to manifest our will, but if your will contradicts what destiny preordained it doesn't matter how much mental energy or will you put into it, because the greater will, (Of Original Spirit) is more powerful. You may be able to manifest any practical mundane thing using law of attraction and belief, but if for some reason this idea in your mind contradicts what destiny set out, it's not happening. I have seen countless stories of it working for others, and others not so much. So it really does make me wonder........ Maybe Destiny is Real? And you can't always manifest no matter how much you believe something cause it's not in your destiny even if you want it. I guess Bob Proctor was wrong. Thoughts? I really want answers. I hate when something is puzzling me like this.