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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post, I'm glad I found this forum. It seems to me there is some confusion around light body/rainbow body and mostly how to develop it. Anyone cares to say something/give some tips and mostly to suggest some real practice to do that? I've been into other traditions and had lots of benefits to say the least, but I've never been into Taoism until recently. It seems there is more than a way to achieve light body in this tradition. Apparently it all comes around building up the energy in the 3 dan tiens. However, as I said and as far as I know, there are different lineages, drama, politics, and the outcome is that it's not clear at all what are the most effective practices to walk the path towards light body. It also seems this is a good place where to ask, so here I am! Of course the best scenario would be to find a good teacher, but as you know it's not that easy and there is a lack of taoist teachers, at least in Europe. I believe we could help each other though! Thank you!