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  1. Yesterday I had a kundalini experience triggered by reading a certain passage in the bible. I closed my eyes and just allowed the energy move freely. It started to vibrate strongly in the heart chakra as I was focusing more on it it intensified more and more then shifted to 5th then 6th then 7th chakra then energy somehow went to to base chakra and then started to go upwards through the spine all the up in my brains and top of the head and then just whole body was vibrating. This whole cycle of energy to travel took about 1.30h. I had no idea what is happening nor was I controlling it, I just allowed Jesus grace to do the work and this is what happened. This sounds very simmilar to typical kundalini I heard of. Now I feel constant energy in me like I'm on coffee 24/7. I sleep only 4h I have too much energy that never runs out. I feel a little bit of burning or itching sensation in my spine occasionally, I think my nervous system is adjusting to this new intense energy. (Hope this is not something bad) so far I'm handling the energy pretty well. I read some horrific experiences of other people experiencing the same itching/burning sensation all over the body nonstop and go into madness... scary stuff What do you think? Is this kundalini? I can't turn it off either. What should I do? This energy seems to be purifing me without me doing anything. Should I still meditate? I'm a bit afraid to meditate now because this is a strange territoty for me, I don't want to intensify my kundalini by accident to the point where it will begin burning even more. Now is enough as it is. Anyone has something to say? Are here any who are going through kundalini also? Cheers, please replay and have a nice day