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  1. Magnet hands

    A few years back when I was around sixteen I discovered I could feel magnetic energy off each of my hands I spent the whole day playing with magnets and rolling marbles around in my palms as the day went on I could feel this energy stronger and stronger almost as strong as using actual magnets anything I held against my palms would naturally want to repell or if I rolled a marble in my hands it felt glued to my hand also holding two items apart from each other I could feel an intense magnetic tension between them and it'd get stronger the closer I brought the items together. After practicing for hours my whole body felt lighter I could jump off the floor the highest I've ever jumped effortlessly even when lifting my arms I could feel a force helping they would float up effortlessly especially above items like my phone. Today I can always still feel this energy but no where near as strong I've been trying off and on for years now waiting for another experience like that. anyways I thought here would be an appropriate place to disscuss my experience with other people can anyone else feel the same energy? Or maybe you could try holding a magnet in front of your palms for some fun 🙂