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Found 4 results

  1. GSmaster

    GSmaster is working with several members of Original Dao; some of whom were been banned from TDB. Their purpose is to destroy the TDB forum.
  2. Greetings Beautiful Bums

    Greetings to you and thank you for this moment. I am real glad to have found this well of knowledge. My name is Lydia Rosa and I am interested in knowledge. I found this forum as I googled yin and yang as I am inclined to gather more data on the subject for practical purposes. I am astonished by the words I found and truly yearning to take part in the very stimulating discussions I found. With respect and love Lydia Rosa
  3. Storm of a Lifetime.

    Myself and a handful of friends are prepping for a road trip towards Wilmington soon after Florence makes her appearance. Wondering If any other Bums would like meet up and join the effort !?! Our presumed route as of now is Departing Kentucky to Knoxville-Ashville-Columbia-Wilmington My Daoist skills are not on the level to stop or divert the Storm (and I wouldnt interfere anyways) however, my Daoist skills probably are good enough to help in cleanup and sharing caring energies. And will go from there utilizing Wu For now, my thoughts are with the Good People of the soon to be impacted strike zone. This is a unique opportunity--- and I know the Good People down there would travel to help us if we were facing a Catastrophic event.
  4. The Dao Bums

    Hello Glad to be here. Practice zen meditation, influenced by Taoism. Hence here.