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  1. Hello all!! As is evident from the above post i am 22 and in the process of putting my life together after basically a past 8 years of relative ignorance. First and foremost, as should be evident from the above title I am a user of that magical herb cannabis, for meditation / relaxation purposes as well as to assist me in treating depression. I do not believe that or any drug is the answer however, more accurately they provide a means to ask the right questions - IMO. Like a lot of young men I struggled with masturbation, lust, and porn usage, in some ways inevitable during the raging hormonal hell of adolescence but it was with time that I gained wisdom enough to realize how these things were damaging me and I am proud to say as of today I am a year clean of both. I've done a lot of reading on the concepts of the three treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen and have come to grasp an intuitive working knowledge of what they mean and how the manifest in your spiritual consciousness. I am however still a virgin and have yet to harm a woman with my lust. A wise man once advised me to make virginity "my spiritual fortress", to lose it with or to my wife. I am not sure what path I will take but am definitely aware that the common trend of promiscuity and self-indulgence is incredibly detrimental. For me it will take a special girl, and definitely not just a lover but also a cultivation partner and companion who understands yin and yang energy dynamic and how to heal with the relationship rather than the opposite. I want to get into yoga or some physical practice because like some young men I have suffered and still do from both anorexic tendencies and body dysmorphia. It's my belief, perhaps far fetched that these physical demons are karma for physical objectification of female goddesses that I did in my own mind. As a raging Taurus my challenge shall be in overcoming the base bestial instincts for higher purpose and enlightenment. Anyways, hello!! Glad to be here