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  1. Hello everyone, I've just finished another weekend of review and re-auditing the class again on reading the Akashic Records from the Lily lineage (which includes Johnny Prochaska and an unnamed Mayan shaman, whom he initially dreamt of before meeting her in Latin America). As of now I have had a full year of training and practice, I am asking people if they would like to have their records opened and read for me to practice further reading the records and improving my skill. This will be offered from July 2 - 31 2018. For details on what is involved, you may read more in my PPJ. Currently, I am not charging for this, but I do accept heart donations if you feel you would like to offer something, but I will also ask for some compensation if there is a case where I would need some sort of exchange, such as for paying for the cost of an international phone call (one person I've read for before for over an hour led me to be billed by Skype over $10 calling their country because they do not have any sort of service like Skype or What'sApp). These are NOT psychic readings, these are akin to one part life coaching, one part showing you a mirror, one part helping you leave the ego and look at things from a perspective without bias or assumptions. They may not even make sense upon being read the first time, but as long as they resonate with you, you may come to realizations later. All readings will be strictly confidential. You may post here for more information or PM me to set up a reading. EDIT: If you are a parent or a pet owner, we can read the records of your children and pets, as their history is recorded under your own book of life. If you have had your name changed or are a person without a birth record (as some people may not even know their legal names in some countries where you have abandoned orphans or displaced peoples), there are ways around this by going straight to Source and the Creator.