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  1. Recently some things were said in a recent thread of mine that really threw me for a loop. I was all set to reply, then decided not to. Now I am trying to work it out, work through it. I thought I would share what I have so far and see what happens from there. Theory Everything I experience is exactly the way I believe it to be. Points - Source does not speak through anyone unless I believe it does. Most likely what I will hear will be my own fears and doubts reflected back at me. - Source does not warn through circumstances or people. Things happen or do not happen, people say things or not, and it is only my belief and perception that causes me to take these as a warning. Warnings are given by humans primarily out of fear, out of a desire motivated by fear (usually disguised as caring or love) to change behavior. That is conditional love, based on the idea that I will be happy or feel better if... Source doesn't issue warnings. Source does not criticize, judge or love conditionally. - It is only because I believe and/or desire at some level that I need to be directed, guided or warned that I receive guidance, direction and warning. I receive these exactly the way I believe they will be received. If I believe it will come from others, then that is from where it will come. If I believe it will come from my gut, heart or intuition, then that is from where it will come. - There are no rules by which the Universe operates. Everything is based on belief (subjective?) Gravity only works because people believe in it. People used to believe the world was flat. How many ships were lost at sea or wrecked beyond what humanity collectively believe to be the edges of the world? More than now certainly, can argue technology, but probably less ships were lost or wrecked before the collectively believed edge of the world. - Source is abundance, constantly and consistently. You believe you will receive direction and guidance from others, that you need it, so you get direction and guidance from others. You believe Source warns you through circumstances or people, so things will happen and people will say things that you will interpret to be a warning. Deep down you are looking for a reason not to do something, a way out, that is what you are asking about, and that is what you get. You get whatever you ask for, whether you want it or not (Abraham.) - What it boils down to is that you are on your own, to create your life experience, whether you are aware of it or not, whether you consciously create or unconsciously react. Whatever you believe to be true will be true for you. Whatever it is you are really asking for, whatever is at the root of any request, that is what Source constantly and consistently provides. The way your life is experienced is completely and totally up to you. - The only way the beliefs of others can affect you is if you buy into them and believe them yourself. You are only ever bound only by your own beliefs, as long as you choose to be so bound. Example When I see a tree branch or trunk at night all I can see with my physical eyes is a flat black line. Yet to me it seems rounded. Why is that? There are no graduations or anything that would lead the eye. When I see it as rounded, I am not seeing it as it is to my physical sight. I am seeing what I expect, based on what I know or remember, that branches and trunks are round. That means what I see is through what I believe, expect, know or remember, not through my eyes. What I see is what I believe or expect to see, based on what I know or remember, imposed on what is. In the same way I do not interact with "reality" directly. I interact with what I believe and expect "reality" to be, based on what I know or remember. "Reality" tells me that I can not walk on water. I know this because when I enter water I always sink. But water can kill someone jumping into it from a great height. To them instead of merely sinking into it they slam into a surface very much like concrete. If I have studied physics I can spout a bunch of stuff that tells why this is. But when the filters of what I believe and expect are stripped away, I see that the water has in it the potential to be solid (ice) semi-solid (the physical body) or non-solid (air.) It has the potential of many different states within it. If I knew how to access those states on a moment-by-moment basis, I could create solid water under my feet that I could walk on. However as long as I believe and expect the water to be experienced as a liquid I would sink into the moment I step onto it, that is what water will be. I do not experience the water as it is. I experience my belief and expectations about the water, based on what I know or remember. When I attempt to walk on water, I am not really interacting with the water at all, only my beliefs and expectations about it! Thoughts When someone said something in that thread I mentioned and it threw me for a loop, I entered into a time of depression. Because if I am solely responsible for my life and my experience of the world, then there are no rules that, once finally discovered, figured out and understood, I can create the life I wish to experience. I thought I had to uncover the truth about reality, to unlock that mystery, because once I knew the rules, I would know exactly the process of creating my own life. But if there are no rules, if I am, consciously aware of it or not, creating my life and my experience of the world on a moment-by-moment basis, well that just seemed too big. Too much. Too difficult. Too hard. It overwhelmed me. But I am coming back out of it now. Because as heavy as it sounded initially, there is hope in it. If there are no rules, if my life and experience in the world is nothing more than what I believe it will be, if nobody's beliefs can affect me the slightest unless I let them, if I am in full control, then I can create the life I want to experience right now. There is nothing stopping me. I now understand one way to do this, how to get into that feeling place of whatever desire I wish to manifest. Of course this will only work if I believe it will, assuming the conclusions I have drawn are valid. I just acknowledge my action reality, what appears to be reality right now, what I am experiencing in this moment. Then I choose my emotive reality, what I choose to feel right now, in this moment. I just have to choose what feels good. I do not think, or maybe do not believe, that the change will be instantaneous. If I were to go to the lake with the action reality of sinking if I attempted to walk on water and the emotive reality of how amazing it would feel to walk on its surface, I would probably still sink. It would seem to prove all the science that says humans can't walk on water. But my guess I would sink because somewhere in me, at some level, I believe and expect I will. Until I have no such beliefs or expectations I can not walk on water. Even when such beliefs and expectations are thrown out, if I were walking around on a violent sea, they may come back, and down I would go. So for now at least walking on water is probably not something I can do. But I can do smaller things, take smaller steps, practicing this theory, and see where it leads. It is one way to allow Source to manifest into my life experience the things I desire. For now I will make this my practice and see what happens.
  2. DreamBliss VS Belief

    I'm ripping off Sinfest's idea here Hopefully I will follow their example correctly... So let's dive in, shall we? I don't believe in fate or destiny. I'm not sure I believe in balance, karma, judgement or punishment either. I'm starting to believe that the afterlife I will experience when my time in this form is over will be exactly whatever I believe it will be, so I am choosing to be free to experience all afterlives, those based on humanity's beliefs and those which exist outside them. I'm also trying to focus on the God who exists outside of all humanity's belief when I pray. I believe our beliefs are chains which bind us or allow us to be controlled and I choose to be free. I am removing all attatchment to my beliefs. So now I leave you to challenge my perceptions here. Convince me that the things I don't believe in do exist. Or convince me that the things I do believe in don't exist. The challenge has been issued. Begin! DreamBliss
  3. The Game...

    The game of being has a 'time-out' box where beings enter not to be... the dreamless dream. Not-being involves accepting 'what is not' as being and holding "what is" as not being. 'Dualistic' notions of not-being reflect being within the dream. At all time Beings being none-beings remain within the not-being being unaware of being until the moment that what is impossible becomes possible and the impassable passage be passed. At any time a being can choose to wake up from the dreamless dream though thats impossible for a none-being to accomplish, for those who think they can't do it will not do it even if they could do it. For those who know, I have little to add for those who do NOT know I will say: - the man who refuses to see, and wishes not to see, sees without seeing where as the blind man, sees without seeing Some see 'seeing without seeing' as the key to see and to not see some know the elephant as the elephant! - "A ray of light suffices to enlighten and disintegrate darkness". Lies just disintegrate in the presence of the truth... and those who know and recognize the truth can experience all the possibilities and realities with a single thought (feeling understanding act) though they do not have to experience it all to know it all. I would like each and everyone to know the truth and be enlighten... and keep on watering the plants and chopping wood... What would you like be? Can a finite temporary experience include it all while also transcending the finite temporary experience? The enlightened know from experience the singular valid answer... believers know the stories told until they experience a singular transcendental enlightenment instant ... of course there are all sort of storytellers with all sort of captivating lines and all sort of motives... which do you seek to cultivate and contemplate.