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Found 2 results

  1. I wondered whether the Kuji-In practice has ever been combined with a moving form such as the circle walking from Bagua Neigong? Would this cause problems, or would these two practices be compatible? After all, Bagua makes a considerable amount of use of mudras, as do most of the martial arts, but very few actually use double hand interlocking mudras such as those found in the Kuji-In practice. I usually practice Kuji-In in a static posture, either sitting down cross-legged or standing in some sort of horse stance, but I wondered what effect a moving form in combination with these mudras might have. Thank you.
  2. I learned awhile back that there's eight types of mud stepping Each serve a peculiar purpose ie vibration healing fighting I am familiar with the pole star stepping. I was interested in imput from practitioners of any of the other types.