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Found 2 results

  1. the poet drinks by moonlight

    with the grey ghosts with red eyes until he pukes he spits and cusses at the birds he pisses anywhere he feels to leak he kicks down doors seeking the face of his god denying his existence with venomous word and dead thought he shoots for the stars anywhere he can find a vein he wastes away in a green haze you seen god heโ€™s the flasher on the corner the priest who is waiting the killer stalking prey the deer shot in the heart what fool would chase his own ass the donkey wants the carrot not until he stops does it swing his way then a bus hits him one day the poetic bum fell down hard laying there in the grass a child sang a song a flower bloomed dogs barked and for once the poet truly saw through bloodshot eyes and a bitchin headache how much he hated life how much he hated that song when would it all stop this is the best it gets the way is no way when you try to leave you always arrive again the poet drinks by moonlight and always ends up where he last felt his heart beat
  2. Generation X

    Videos about Generation X, born generally from about 1961 to 1980. Explaining their cynicism, apathy, their greed, their attitude of I'm out for number 1, attitude of survive at any cost, attitude of get more for less effort, their lack of commitment, lack of involvement in civics and politics, and conservatism. Neil Howe- News pieces about Generation X from 1994- Gen X and 911-