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  1. Maybe we all are trying to find meaning into things that have to intrinsic meaning. Nevertheless, this is a story both my wife and step daughter found interesting and while I find it a bit to new age like to my opinion, I must say it is quite well written. also @Earl Grey I thought I read a couple days ago that you would/did ask the Akashic records about covid. Where you able to and is there a message? Sorry if you already posted it and I read over it.
  2. Hi there, I had the realisation of having aphantasia about 2 years ago, ever since then my mind became fixated on curing myself and redeveloping the skill possesed by 99% of the population. Through my fixation i learned obsessively about everything i could relate to it: digestion, diet, nutrition, leaky gut, chakras, energy, reiki, ibogaine, ayahuasca, god In part i am very grateful to it, because only through the realisation of having aphantasia did i become spiritual, reiki level 2, meditation initiated and fundementally a happier human being through my reconnection with the devine. Every free moment that i have i like to read about ayurveda, yoga, hinduism, energies etc and super interested in alternative medicines considering that i have tried most of them and on my way to study them on my new life path of becoming a natural healer So happy for my new life path, but still there is the aphantasia hanging around almost like a curse. I have considered many causes including stuff like carmic debts and i am almost out of ideas... I am begging anyone that might have tools to help me understand and overcome the affliction known as aphantasia. Thank you in advance, Human
  3. Where can I buy legal psychedelics online?

    I really want to take shrooms or something that can give me an enlightening experience. Like maybe I would meditate while on them. Where online can I buy some ayahuasca tea or something? PS: It has to be a site that ships to the United States.
  4. I am creating a Book of Dreams. This is something I am using to raise my frequency or vibrational level. You could also think of it as something that is keeping me more positive and helping the negative to have less of a hold on me. In this Book of Dreams, so far, are places I want to set my eyes on. These include the Big Sur coast in California, the Venice Canals, and the stars reflected in a still sea. I can not properly express to you the power this picture I have on my calendar for one of the Venice Canals, or the image sequence in the movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End" has on me. There is more energy there, more desire to set my eyes on these things, than there is to let the events of the last month and even last few years have a detrimental hold on me, In short, they are getting me out of this swamp I am in. Please keep this in mind when you post. Remember dreams are very fragile things, and if you break mine, you are destroying the only thing that is currently keeping me going. The only dreams I have at this moment, the only reason I have to live. I appreciate your understanding. Now, the reason for this thread. I am going to start adding things I wish to experience in this Book of Dreams. One of the things I have been curious about, for a very long time, is ayahuasca. But I have heard there are people defrauding those looking for this experience in South America. I am hoping that someone here either knows of an authentic place where this can be experienced, or, even better, has actually been somewhere and had this authentic experience, and would be willing to tell me where this place is. I hope this request does not violate the rules of this forum, as this is considered a drug. For me it is for the shamanic and spiritual experience. I just found an article that talks about this can even help with depression and PTSD. I know, from my own experience, the positive effect shrooms had on me. I know it changed me somehow, for the better. I know that ayahuasca will do the same. So I definitely want to experience this. If you are not allowed to post and tell me where I could go to have an authentic experience with ayahuasca for any reason, maybe you could PM me? I would appreciate this. I need to know this place to go, so I can do a search for images that I can place with some writing about it in my Book of Dreams. It is a very visual book I am constructing. I do not wish to break the law and I do not know where this is legal or illegal. But I reserve the right to practice civil disobedience on subjects like this. If everyone tried shrooms a couple of times in their lives, believe me, the entire human race would transform for the better. So any laws saying this or ayahuasca is illegal I can not support. If it grows naturally on the earth or is part of a practice or tradition of a native people the law does not apply, as far as I am concerned. In the end it is my body, and I decide what goes into it, or not. Not the law! If this thread violates forum rules, and I hope this forum is not that inflexible, I understand if those in charge feel they must close it and I apologize. I was just reading that article and wondering where I could go to collect information on this. I thought maybe I would start here. Thank you.
  5. Why yes, it was an entire 3 days of speakers about Entheogns. If you are wondering what entheogens are (as most of my friends didn't know the term either), think ayahuasca or peyote and you are most of the way there. For all the times I tell people dabbling isn't good, it is sort of funny that I come to such things as a dabbler . One only has so much free time to take a few days off for a proper working with such things. However if we include all my experimentation over the years (lots in my early years lol) I guess it would add up to a lot. Scary was when I had more information on many things and was able to answer some questions. These days I only do such journeys about once per year. They are rather intense, sometimes take some physical recuperation time and just don't fit as well into my schedule these days. Damn I must be getting old . The first thing I learned, and prepared beforehand, was to be even more open minded to all things and all people. Just because I had met some folks who had brought themselves to some very not good life situations in the past with such practices, didn't mean that was always the case, or perhaps ever the case, they could have just been the exceptions to the rule. I was quite amazed at the quality of the speakers and the information they shared. About 20 different PHD folks, who have been doing such practices quite seriously for 40 plus years. Well this was most of the speakers anyways. What fun, doing a doctoral thesis about the ayahuasca practices in the jungles of Peru, but having to live there for a few years and participate in their ceremonies to do so. Apparently these folks also have quite a strong magical culture as well as most definitely utilize it quite a bit, with and without aya. I also learned that in most of the indigenous cultures that folks start using the various plants in ceremony at a very young age. Anywhere from right away, to their teenagehood rite of passage. Then onwards throughout their life. I also learned some really unfortunate things such as ayahuasca tourism and popularity really killing off the vines and in the future likely not leaving enough for the traditional folks there to be able to use it. Fortunately they are now cultivating it as well as the admixture plants in Hawaii. I don't recall how many tonnes they export each year, but enough that there are organizations taking steps to try to fix matters there. Also the corporations who are completely obliterating large areas to grow palm trees are completely devastating the natural vegetation. The growth of soy is also a problem (it's used to feed cattle so much of it is grown). What I enjoyed most about the conference was an entire few hundred folks who have figured out how to work with such things, but also able to lead a functional and coherent life. Unfortunately throughout the decades I have met far to many "urban shamans" who were so completely non-functional that they could no longer be active in the regular mundane world if they wished to, but also could not practice magic in any healthy for them way, due to having messed up their energy bodies so severely . This unfortunately is far to prevalent. Enough so that I tend to avoid all such gatherings. However the speakers and their topics looked interesting enough I thought I would give it a go. Glad I did. I also learned quite a bit about the studies being done, and had been done over the decades about the use of various entheogens in therapy (by Psychiatrists and psychologists). There has been much research about lsd in therapy, some good and some bad depending on the approach. Some of the government experiments didn't go so well... setting is important. But also such things as iboga to eliminate cravings and addictions is quite interesting. Some folks have also been working with ayahuasca (done in a proper traditional ceremonial context) in such scenerios, in studies with small communities. They found quite positive results with this. The catch being is that the plants take over during the journey and bring out the internal things the person needs to most work on, for 6-12 hours straight. Most definitely not for everyone (even if they were more legal in all countries). I also have learned that with ayahuasca (and some others to some extent) tourism, there aren't always awesome outcomes either. Of course 99% of the time it turns out well, but there is that 1% where shamans have been known to have sex with a participant during the ceremony. Definitely not cool in a group, not agreed on beforehand, setting. Also not everyone has the means or the patience to thoroughly checkout the good and legit shamans vs the not so awesome ones. I also learned more about the importance of the setting and rituals with these things. This part is pretty obvious, but perhaps not for newer folks. Interesting was that most of the folks there do not partake of such things, even weed in some cases, in a mundane setting ever. This makes perfect sense to me. I don't tend to bring my altar accouterments out to parties either . It was really neat to see so many folks working so closely with plants in a major way .
  6. Here is a great article about a very unique and high level form of energy art. The Art and Music of the Shipibo Tribe of the Amazon. It is a complete integration of high level vibrational energy, visual and geometrical art, music, chanting, and healing. It begins by the Shipibo Shaman enterng a trance, often aided by taking the Ayahuasca vine. The Shaman begins to channel a vibration and energy, which comes out as a spontaneous song or chant. The song becomes the image, and the song determines the image to be created. The Shipibo women listen to the chant of the Shaman, and create the image that correlates to the chant. If a Shaman were to look at a peice of art, he could instantly know the song and music that goes with it. It is also completely spontaneously created, no two peices of art, and no 2 chants, are ever the same. To me, the images and chants seem very natural, and seem to be reflective of natural patterns or potential patterns. They are seeing, sensing, and putting into form something from a higher realm and are working with higher forms of energy. The Shipibo are initiated with plants and herbs, including Ayahuasca, at an early age. This allows them to be able to see many energies, and sense vibrations that most people are completely unaware of. Videos- Shipibo Craftswoman - Part 1 Shipibo Craftswoman- Part 2 The Art of the Shipibo People The fact that we today can be exposed to this form of energetic vibrational musical art is a good thing/bad thing. It's ultimately a bad thing. For as the people of the amazon are exposed to modern western culture, and their territory is encroached upon, it is gradually being integrated into western culture. It is inevitable that such great skills and knowledge will be lost. Many people think modern society is so great, it knows about physics, atoms, quantum theories, and stuff. But in comparison to the knowledge of people who live in nature, it is nothing, and low level stuff compared to the energies these people work with. Bonus. National Geographic article about how people have overcome all sorts of weaknesses and short comings, by visiting Ayahuasca Shamans. Some people overcame desperation and depression when western drugs could only destroy their bodies and minds, and were powerless to help them-
  7. The Supernaturals

    One of the most mysterious spiritual practices, and one that is often misunderstood by westerners, is the practice of taking Hallucinogenic plants to aid in understanding the universe and nature. Most people know a little bit about beings like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc. but Shamanism can also be very interesting. The Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest have always known about the value of plants to aid in increasing their spiritual knowledge, and in attaining altered states of consciousness. I have heard theories that old meditation and Chi Kung practitioners, thousands of years ago, were very sensitive to the properties of plants, and using plants may even have influenced the development of their exercise practices and knowledge of the energies of the internal organs. There is even a theory that Jesus and his followers took hallucinogenic mushrooms to aid in raising their consciousness. In modern times a few "rogue" researchers have now begun to seriously investigate this phenomena. What has been discovered so far is very interesting. Throughout history, all over the world, the oldest pre-historic art is often found to be depicting a certain type of being. Beings that are half human/half animal hybrids. Not only do they exist in the most ancient Rock and Cave Art, but also in the legends and histories of so many ancient peoples, the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, the Hopi, etc. So what does this mean? What is so interesting is that modern researchers who have visited with, and experienced ceremonies with the Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest, have found that these same Hybrid beings come to the Shamans when they take Ayahuasca, also called "the Vine of Souls". The Shamans encounter and communicate with these same Hybrid beings. Add to that, that even people who live in the modern world and who are not Shamans, often independently experience encountering these beings when given DMT, which is one of the main ingredients in the Ayahuasca brew. What this seems to prove is that these "Supernatural" half-human/half-animal hybrids do exist in some objective form. Of course atheists and skeptics will claim the visions are just hallucinations, caused by drugs. However, this does not explain why so many people have the same visions. If it were just hallucinations, you would expect people to see things in line with their cultural programming. What is your explanation and opinion of this? Who are these "Supernaturals" who have guided Shamans for thousands of years? Are they actual beings who exist in another plane, and who communicate with humans who know the right plants and have the right keys? Did these beings actually live on Earth at one time, and have now moved beyond Earth? Is it how we perceive the spirit and consciousness of the plant to look like or their true form? Here is a really cool interview with researcher Graham Hancock, about his experiences taking Ayahuasca with the Shamans of the Amazon, and altered states of consciousness in general- Part 2- Supernatural- Ayahuasca Art-