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  1. Lot of people confuse Turiya or the 4th state with conscious sleeping. I read some posts and articles where it states about retaining awareness consistently in sleep just like in the waking state. This is simply not possible and just a myth. It can happen for brief intervals in the dream state and this is called Lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be lot of fun and it seems to happen in a certain stage in the journey This lucid dreaming state is not the state of Turiya. The lucid dreams generally happen in the early stages after the opening of the 4th/5th chakras (heart & throat) and before the crown opening. It is extremely rare after the crown opening and the inner heart or the 8th chakra opening, after a person reaches the light stage. It is possible to induce lucid dreaming in the early stages, but some of the methods that do so can be harmful. Lucid dreaming just increases the awareness a bit, but there is not a whole lot of benefits besides that. Some traditions promote practices such as this as part of dream yoga. What is Turiya? It seems to be the fully awakened state that transcends all the other 3 states and is present all the time, generally described as the 4th state of consciousness that is beyond dreaming, wake and deep sleep states. Turiya and the states that lie beyond Turiya (Turiyatita) are extremely rare, as in may be one or two who have reached the state of a Buddha might experience this state. Temporarily having awareness at night during sleep for few hours or even few days is certainly possible. After a yoga nidra practice or when in nirvikalpa samadhi, a person might retain awareness in sleep. Once again this is not the state of Turiya or awakened sleep. Turiya seems to be a permanent shift into a new state that completely transcends all the other 3 and there is no going back after reaching this state once. The following article explains this concept and turiya in some detail.