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  1. Reading Daozang (道蔵)

    Daozang (道蔵), the collection of nearly all Chinese Taoist writings, is a strange cultural achievement ; it is something wonderful , something unique for most of its content are about those principles , things and practical steps that if people read, believe and follow , they will be granted the special privileges , different from their fellows, to live in this world endlessly , not just in spiritual sense , but also in physical sense. However, for those Western readers who are interested in what the Chinese Taoism really says in its 2500-year history, Daozang is something , even by just scanning the titles of those works , too huge to start . Fortunatey , the fact is , only small part of it is worthy of intensive reading . Yet the problem is still there , even the so-called 'small part' is , still a huge volume too big to digest , not to mention the reality that no more than 1% of them are translated into English. I will select and translate some of them, and post here , hoping that some other people will follow. Based on my previous trial in initializing discussion on women alchemy on this forum , I tell myself that I should not expect too much...anyway, who know what will happen in the future as more and more people know the Chinese language ? Due to the lack of time and capability , I can only try those short , yet widely recognised as important ones , to start .