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Found 3 results

  1. The Bonghan System

    In the early 1960's Bong Han Kim discovered a biological system that lined up exactly with the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body. Shortly afterwards Kim and much of his published research disappeared Prior to that, his research indicated, this system had energy carrying capacities, far beyond any other of the human circulatory systems. The next 50 years saw an active suppression of this research. But, the Bonghan system is now being resurrected as the "Primo Vascular System" by some pretty big names in biology, chemistry and cancer research. It seems that this new research is corroborating much of Bong Han Kim's earlier research. I am interested in how many Dao Bums know of this and what their understanding is of its' spiritual/meditative/health value?
  2. Hello, I'm looking for some decent self (and for others sometimes, but mainly for selfish old me at the moment ) massagers, rollers, balls, scratchers, massaging tools, acupressure tools, and resources/books/sites/references/materials/manuals to help open and stimulate acupressure points, release stagnant chi, etc. I'm guessing manuals can help highlight where to focus, but also logically if you just do your whole outer body then you've literally covered all bases. Any brands/models/sources etc that you have found to be effective and reliable. I'd like to hear your experiences too, how they've helped/what they've done, etc. Whatever tools work, but in particular one thing I am specifically looking for (in addition to all massage tools) is something that I can use to massage/apply pressure to those odd few points that are difficult to reach, so something like a back scratcher but that can be used for massage. I searched the threads and there are a few different ones for different stuff, but none that covered all of these things and thought that it would be a useful thread to have for everyone to share massage, self massage resources/experiences. So far I've come across bongers (haha, brilliant name) and some chi rollers. There are also these threads: but nothing that covers this topic globally.
  3. Massaging Taixi

    Any acupuncturists out there, feel free to weigh in... Since kidneys are important to spiritual practitioners...since this point benefits both kidney yin (which is rare) and yang...since it's the shu stream and yuan source point for the kidney... Why don't we talk about massaging it daily? I've only seen this method mentioned once anywhere. You can access it in the spot between your medial malleolus and Achilles tendon at the ankle.