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  1. Is there an unspoken rule that prevents masters from proving abilities and sharing mystic experiences with lay people? Although a high-level ability, I strongly feel that we need to at least prove the breathless state openly with medical certainty and scrutiny, so that mainstream science and media can start having serious discussions about the very real nature of yogic attainments and its implication on practical spirituality. I'm tired of standing empty-handed when a lay person asks for mainstream proof of the breathless state, even though I am absolutely convinced of it through the various occult sources discussing it like the Autobiography of a Yogi, Opening the Dragon Gate, and multiple practitioner accounts I ran into time and again. Yogananda: "The acid test of a master is the breathless state." I would volunteer to be scrutinized medically for attaining the breathless state, but sadly I'm but a beginner. Yet, why has no one else come forward to do this very basic but profound proof, as has Prahlad Yani who does not consume food and proved it in India. How can we expect the general populace to take our extraordinary claims of mystic practices serious, if we cannot make even one basic well-chosen medical proof of breathlessness (attained through yogic practice alone)? Perhaps, one day, if one were to attain this state with regularity and full control, one would be silenced by an unspoken rule or inner command? That certainly could explain the lack of such persons coming forward. Yet, is it spiritually or karmically irresponsible to render this proof in a selfless manner? Are we not to take responsible dominion over our plane of existence in acts of selfless service that works toward uplifting the spirit of humanity? We should not say, "The masses must wallow in their ignorance and spiritual blindness until they see the proof through their own self effort." Is that what Jesus did, or did he render ample proof of his divinity and do everything in his power to spiritually uplift humanity? Jesus: "What I have done, ye shall do and greater things shall ye do." "Does it not say in your scriptures that ye are gods?" Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Perhaps we should start rendering simple evidence, not for glory or ego, but as acts of maturing, responsible and powerful dominion over our world.