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Found 2 results

  1. I am preparing a taoist altar and have read numerous writings on the subject, including what has been posted in this community. Given the "rules" for placement of the altar, I have a dilemma, given the limited space in my relatively small house. The preferred location would place the back of the altar facing north (front to the south), which I understand is good. The issue with this spot is that while it is technically not in a bedroom, it would be at the end of a hallway which opens into my bedroom. That is, there isn't a wall between the altar and the bed. It is a large open space, a converted attic, which I would describe as "loft-like". The second choice would be the den, which is a kind of family room, but the only available wall there would place the back of the altar to the south, front facing north (not desirable). While this is not a bedroom, it has a futon couch which is used as a guest room when needed. What to do, temporarily remove the altar if we have guests? The third and final choice would have to be the basement, where I could pretty much put the altar anywhere. The issue with that is that it's a semi-finished basement and isn't the most inviting space for meditation. Of the 3 choices, which do you feel would make the best location? I'm hoping someone with more experience than me can give some advice.
  2. Home Taoist Altar

    I'm considering making a home Taoist altar, but after doing a thorough internet search, I can't find out much information about what to use and then how to use it (chants, etc.). If anyone knows about these things I'd appreciate any information that you may have. Thanks in advance