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Found 3 results

  1. Friends, I released my short stories collection today and it’s available for free here. I hope you read and enjoy Get it for free here — Or for 0.99$ here — PS: Don’t forget to leave a review
  2. Masterless Student.

    Hi After 15 plus years of being a student of as of yet an un-named form of Chi Gung, my Teacher was recently sent to prison for attempted murder. He was guilty of the crime, although I did testify on his defense. What saddens me is that it didn't have to end this way, and now I am left with what to do with my training. A lot of supernatural events have occured to me since my training has ended, due in part to( I assume) to my Chi Aura. I recently read Jim McMillans book, Seeking the Master of Mo-Pai. I wish to make contact with him as I think he may have some answers to my questions on Spiritual Protection. I have exhausted myself reading book after book, trying to find help. Just looking for some help here. Any Ideas?
  3. The Supernaturals

    One of the most mysterious spiritual practices, and one that is often misunderstood by westerners, is the practice of taking Hallucinogenic plants to aid in understanding the universe and nature. Most people know a little bit about beings like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc. but Shamanism can also be very interesting. The Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest have always known about the value of plants to aid in increasing their spiritual knowledge, and in attaining altered states of consciousness. I have heard theories that old meditation and Chi Kung practitioners, thousands of years ago, were very sensitive to the properties of plants, and using plants may even have influenced the development of their exercise practices and knowledge of the energies of the internal organs. There is even a theory that Jesus and his followers took hallucinogenic mushrooms to aid in raising their consciousness. In modern times a few "rogue" researchers have now begun to seriously investigate this phenomena. What has been discovered so far is very interesting. Throughout history, all over the world, the oldest pre-historic art is often found to be depicting a certain type of being. Beings that are half human/half animal hybrids. Not only do they exist in the most ancient Rock and Cave Art, but also in the legends and histories of so many ancient peoples, the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, the Hopi, etc. So what does this mean? What is so interesting is that modern researchers who have visited with, and experienced ceremonies with the Shamans of the Amazon Rainforest, have found that these same Hybrid beings come to the Shamans when they take Ayahuasca, also called "the Vine of Souls". The Shamans encounter and communicate with these same Hybrid beings. Add to that, that even people who live in the modern world and who are not Shamans, often independently experience encountering these beings when given DMT, which is one of the main ingredients in the Ayahuasca brew. What this seems to prove is that these "Supernatural" half-human/half-animal hybrids do exist in some objective form. Of course atheists and skeptics will claim the visions are just hallucinations, caused by drugs. However, this does not explain why so many people have the same visions. If it were just hallucinations, you would expect people to see things in line with their cultural programming. What is your explanation and opinion of this? Who are these "Supernaturals" who have guided Shamans for thousands of years? Are they actual beings who exist in another plane, and who communicate with humans who know the right plants and have the right keys? Did these beings actually live on Earth at one time, and have now moved beyond Earth? Is it how we perceive the spirit and consciousness of the plant to look like or their true form? Here is a really cool interview with researcher Graham Hancock, about his experiences taking Ayahuasca with the Shamans of the Amazon, and altered states of consciousness in general- Part 2- Supernatural- Ayahuasca Art-