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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, as title stated, any pointer on how to release tensions from our limb? i've managed to release physical tensions from my back and abdomen area, but i find it difficult to "access" tension on my limbs (beyond shoulder and buttocks), now that less tensions are felt on my body, tensions on my limbs felt more pronounced (not pain, but more as discomforts) such in triceps area. My difficulty relates to how i feel less qi around my limbs (maybe because there are tensions?), and they (limbs) barely move during meditaion. Moving meditation is not yet in my understanding, i got too focused on moving that i feel les qi as well. Edit: i'm using sung breathing method, and starts doing ji ben qigong, which i think seems/feels similar to ba duan jin thank you for any responses
  2. For those who read "Daoist Nei Gong: The Phylosophicall Art of Change". In that book, in order to practice the Sung breathing, Damo shows a mudra on figure 3.5. (Sung practice position) which i didn't figure out what should be (is it the taichi mudra?) If someone knows, please, explain.