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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I have been reading and learning for years now with out any real practice. Recently that changed and as I begin to explore the vastly different world of trying these tequniques and not just reading about them I would love people who have accomplished more than me to post how/what they found to be helpful and hurtful. If you feel you can help me out as a teacher I would love to hear from you, PM me Thanks, SlippySlim
  2. The Obama Deception

    The Obama Deception, Full Documentary-
  3. The Most Dangerous Game

    Many people enjoy the subject of spirituality, and find great benefit in the study of spirit and spirituality. However, what is talked about less is the other side of the coin, evil religion and evil systems. The MK Ultra and Project Paper clip projects involved the United States recruiting Nazi scientists to the United States in an attempt to prevent other countries from getting them. One of the areas they were used in was developing the sciences of the mind and brain, mind control and brainwashing, and the so called "Psychological Warfare". Project Monarch- The Most Dangerous Game Part 1. Mind control, "mental health" was created by the Nazi's and the MK Ultra program that recruited Nazi scientists into the US after WW2- Cathy O'Brien, a survivor of the MK Ultra mind control experimentation. The effects of torture and ancient Egyptian genital mutilation ceremonies on the the mind and it's susceptibility to brainwashing were studied on her. She had an image of the face of Satan carved into her genitals by the US government. She served as a sex slave for many high level politicians in Washington D.C. Actual images here, in a professional and medical setting, not for the faint of heart, but reality none the less, and to have true compassion we must be able to face reality and the suffering of others - Very interesting info on Dick Cheney and the Bushes, The Most Dangerous Game