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Found 11 results

  1. I have a few years of meditation experience. i am trying to convert essence jing to qi to shen. While i can't keep myself devoted to this practice all the time i sometimes skip meditation. leaving meditation makes my mind sexual and sometimes i get aroused watching big ass and tits. my question is - 1- lust definitely disturbs all refined energies and makes my jing aroused and ready to shoot in prostate gland. Can we reverse the process and bring aroused jing back to it's unaroused state? 2- Does the degree of arousal play a role in it? like can we masturbate and just stop before ejaculation and use the technique to reverse all the process which lust started?
  2. Reverse logic

    What really puzzled me over the years about this section of the forum and a wide spread idea on the internet is that retention is a way to conserve energy or accomplish something. I have experienced the other way around. That "rising in vibration" made me desire less until it kinda faded completely. I see it more as a measure than a method.
  3. Started the 100 days, got to 96 when i had a nocturnal emission. Woke up. It was purely physical and felt kinesthetic only. No emotion or other sensation (nothing anywhere else in the body, mind etc), no imagination or dream. Nothing at all no matter how subtle, it was just body. What energy have i lost? Type and when will it recover? I have felt a mild reduction in energy. Nothing like it was before practicing retention. Have i failed the 100 days? I know the number is not wrought in stone or mechanical, but just saying.
  4. I practice retention even though I have sex regularly with my girlfriend, but I was just looking for some thoughts on what you think a reasonable frequency to release might be for a guy who is 23 going on 24. I know that the production of the male essence decreases with age so it's important to watch it, also it's winter here and as is advised i pretty much avoid it entirely lol. Not sure if I'm at the age yet I have to start worrying about loss of virility though. My reasoning is that I have become acutely aware of the energy difference before and after ejaculation, the mood difference, how long it can take to recharge via rest and nutrition, and also my partner and I have better intimacy the longer I retain. At the same time, sometimes you gotta let it go lol, and even though I practice circulation exercises I've found the jing and yang energy can stagnate somehow and it becomes uncomfortable. Just looking for some advice. Thanks
  5. I m used to jerk off like everyday or every day and another (i m young )... one day i took the decision to stop due to some spiritual belief and for healthiness.. After stopping for a month or so.. everything starts to turn you on, and you find yourself being aggressive and wanting to read or check anything sexual and such. started googling around to see opinions and such about stopping how it is beneficial and other how it is not.. then i found the middle way... it was mantak chia and orgasming without ejaculation.... i became expert and had up to 10 orgasms without ejaculation and no problems... but i analysed why i did that... because what i was liking and draining my energy and such... wasn't the ejaculation, but actually dopamine that is being dumped in my mind once i orgasm... it is also related to making your mind little foggy and decrease thoughts. edging or semen retention = high rush of dopamine for a longer period of time. and mantak chia, and sperm retention was just an excuse for me to reach what i want (dopamine) under a theme of spirituality and healthiness. if you want to stop.. you stop without any other technique. even tho i read that if you don't jerk off, your penis may shrink and you become more sensitive and ejaculate early ...etc of bad stuff... but at the same time jerking off takes A LOT of energy that sometimes i feel very very tired. i would like to hear other's opinion about this subject
  6. Some questions on ejaculation

    Morning all, I would be interested in your views on the following: Does ejaculation occur when the body cannot handle the increased tension brought about by stimulation any longer, a kind of short circuit mechanism? Is it possible to relax the nerves/ body so much as to be able to handle this increased sensation indefinitely? Is anyone actually practically able to do this? If so how? I'm sure some of you will say there are other more worthwhile avenues to pursue..but let's just focus on the question for what it is.. if you don't mind? Feel free to pm me Have a great day Wb
  7. Mixing of Jing

    Hi, my female partner and I have a question about "jing". We have determined that at my age and physical condition, it is best that I conserve my jing as best I can. (semen retention, recirculation of the energy) However, she feels that she needs as much male jing as possible for her balance. We have found a young devotee (male) to help her in that regard. He shares his jing with her about two times per week. Here is my question: I have heard that it is bad for a woman to receive jing from more than one male. (Her body gets confused, or something like that) Since it is wise for me to retain, is it advisable that I no longer share my jing with her at all? It seems this leaves two basic options: first, I am allowed intercourse with her, but be sure to retain my semen. The second--and it is her choice--that I do not have intercourse with her at all. Does anyone have experience or comments on this? I have read (not a reliable source) that the "Jade Dragon" does not share semen with his "White Tigress" and that she only receives semen from the "Green Dragons". Thank you in advance for any advice. David
  8. I have a dedicated cultivation/meditation and practice sexual q-gong pretty much consistently now. Even though I have a partner I treat the relationship as an extension of the cultivation, which is good for the "relationship" part because I am always ready for her to share herself with me as the raw yang-desire (from the jing) is never satiated. This isn't a bad thing though! The idea is to take what is primarily an animal desire, let that flow through me, feel it, note it, but make the conscious choice to not waste this energy, and instead transform that into a yin-feeling. After that's done, i sort of have this feeling of "what is the big deal about?", and can cater with love to my partner's needs in a totally non-selfish manner. Even when my partner isn't around I get aroused normally during the day. I attempt to sublimate this energy. The best way I have found so far is, if I get a hard-on or lustful thoughts, to sit naked and cross legged in a quite room and meditate on the desire itself. Naked because it is, in my opinion, a relatively innocent way to feel in touch with your sexual center without being overly lustful. It's important to allow the lust feelings to pass through you (the horniness plays an element) but to make the intuitive realization that the desire comes from emptiness. I find it's best to envision myself in a situation in which I acted on lust, and to decide whether I would truly have been happy or not. Once I've let it go, I find that doing yoga is a great way to get rid of some of the heat. It's odd, but I feel like the true enlightenment comes when you feel sexually "full" and verified as a human but without the animal desire to commit an act of lust. Lust is an obstacle and I am curious to see if through enough cultivation I could rid the desire completely. By the way - I discovered that diet did play a role after all. My nocturnal emissions reduced to almost none since getting a partner, but especially after I became a vegetarian and stopped eating lots of "violent", dense or salty foods. I eat fruits and vegetable dishes with mild spices, and get protein from nuts and beans which are less harsh than meat. I also feel lighter and overall have more energy. Anyways - thoughts on all this?
  9. HELP!

    Hello im an 19 year old from Slovenia. Have just finished high school and going to study electro engineering. I have had an interesting upbringing and am a atheist and a nihilist. I have a long term relationship with my girlfriend. I wanted to improve our sex life and after searching i found the book Taoist secrets of love: cultivating the male sexual energy by Mantak Chia. I have read the book and had began to practice testicle breathing and scrotal compression. Because I had some problems with SC i did a search and got really confused. So i want to ask you, since you have experiece: HOW BEST TO BEGGIN? I want do practice sexual tao and later move on to other stuff, since doing this is already new for me. I want to be able to last long in bed and bring amazing orgasms to me and my girlfriend. What is the best way to do this. Should I go by the book? Or as some have suggested open the MCO. Also what to do about sex and ejaculation? If you could post a schedual of how I should proced I would be most grateful. Much thanks
  10. There seems to be a lot of differing views on this. some people make retention the foundation of their practice, avoiding release altogether or trying to limit it as much as possible. Other people think it's important, but that it's ok to release at certain intervals. Others say it's not necessary at all, that one can release as much as they desire. How important is retention/sublimation in your own practice? I've varied between all of these, including the extremes of "never releasing" and "releasing as much as i want." I'm starting to think that moderation might be the most natural path (releasing 1-2x a week) but i'd like to hear what others think. This "retention" concept has so many different viewpoints, it's hard to figure out which practice is the most healthy. edit: i suppose whether or not one has a partner plays a factor in this as well. i currently do not, so retention feels almost like repression alot of times.
  11. I accomplished the 100 days of conserving Jing and thought i would share my experiences on what i feel to be a very beneficial practice. Note this post is directed towards men, i have no experience of conserving jing as a least in this life. There are three possible outcomes of Jing conservation. 1. You give in to fantasies and release your Jing...thus failing 2. You become a very angry and irritable person for 100 days 3. You become a Dynamo of energy and grow in strength and power in every area of your life I have experienced all three of these outcomes when i attempted to conserve Jing in the past. Therefore there are 2 qualities that are required to conserve Jing successfully: Mental Clarity and Emotional Stability. Both qualities are complementary to each other. If you do not have Mental Clarity then you will lose to your fantasies. If you do not have Emotional Stability then you will end up getting very angry and saying and doing dumb shit. Being grounded is very important in this practice. The first couple of weeks are perhaps the most difficult because your not used to the increased Vitality and Horniness that comes with the practice but... eventually your energies plataeu and you will get used to it. Mental Clarity becomes even more important as the 100 days go by because i have found that if you fantasize during the day but still don't release Jing...those fantasies will carry over to your sleep and it will find a way to release itself during dream-time. All of these qualities are built upon a certain level of maturity that has been reached through cultivation. Benefits of Semen Retention Conserving Jing really is a fantastic practice. When you conserve your sexual energy it really is amazing how powerful you become in your own life...but in order to conserve jing effectively and use it to your benefit you must learn how to channel the inner fire. If fire is not channeled properly then you will be come an extremely agitated person. When conserving Jing it has been my experience that instead of exploding your sexual energy though your dick it will start exploding inwards and manifest in your everyday life. Everything i did developed a new level of intensity and involvement...I became more productive and motivated in all areas of my life: i did better in school, chi-gung, and in my interpersonal relationships. People often wonder how great cultivators can dedicate 8 hrs a day to cultivating...but when you have so much excess sexual energy your whole being wants to DO DO DO. You feel like you have so much energy that you can do anything...and this energy must be channeled into something be it your esoteric practice or you building a business. You become a great tool of manifestation...all you need do is choose something to DO. But if you don't properly channel it into something it can drive you crazy. Perhaps the most important of all the things i learned while cultivating is that when the mind is not constantly bickering then conserving your Jing becomes a natural state. When you discipline the monkey mind then conserving is easy...for those whom struggle too conserve and find that they can't.....go back to the drawing board....sit...and continue developing clarity....when you approach this practice with a reasonable level of clarity...then it is as easy as breathing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a side note i'd say that conserving Jing along combined dual cultivation is in many ways a superior practice than celibacy...but one that takes a very high level of discipline and self-control. On the other hand Celibacy paired with conserving is better for those that wish to not develop any attachments and do not want to be tied down by a partner (ascetics). In such cases it is a simpler and much better practice to cultivate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am coming back to edit this post because when i first wrote it i was ignorant of the fact that actually having a spiritual practice for transmutation of jing was so important....i did not realize this simply because i was already practicing my Nei-Gong very intensively and had never conserved without it. Having a transmutation practice is very important in order to effectively channel the built up sexual energy. If you don't already have a spiritual practice then some simple practices for this purpose are Meditating on the Lower Dantien or The Microcosmic Orbit. Both meditations can be found readily available online and are discussed in this thread. -My 2 cents, Peace