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  1. The Temple of Mu

    Manmade structures under the Pacific- border of Mu In recent times the remains of a prehistoric civilization have been discovered in the sea off Japan at Yonaguni. These remains were last above water 12,000 years ago. This is the great lost civilization that once existed, which sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean. Some people have called the civilization Mu, and some have called it Lemuria. Here's a really good article on it- The Temple of Mu- Short clip about it High Quality video- The Temple of Mu Website- The islands out in the Pacific are the outskirts of where the land of Lemuria or Mu once was. Some people have also noted that many ancient monuments strangely seem to be built for very large beings. Very few people know a lot about Lemuria, but here is some information- There are researchers who are saying that some ancient accounts about it's location do actually conform to scientific ideas about earth plates, etc. Possibly along what geologists now call the "superswell" area in the Pacific where there are now many underwater volcanoes and cenotes, which were not always underwater. Some people also say Mu was even older than Atlantis. There are other legends which connect to it, such as the Indian legend of Lumania. They may have constructed the moon itself All the researchers I have read about who examined the Yonaguni monuments and temples, stated that it is definite that at least parts of it are manmade, if not all of it. And it's massive- Man made pathway- Big enough to swim through