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Found 19 results

  1. Three years ago, I experimented with Mantak Chia's Scrotal Compression (compressing air into testicles) and Microcosmic Orbit exercises to increase my energy. However, since then, energy has been leaking out of my kidneys and Ming Men in the form of heat. I've gotten treated by many healers since then, but the energy continues to leak. What solutions do you think would be the best fit for me?
  2. A question regarding Taoist Sexual Qigong

    I first posed this question in an email to Master Mantak Chia. He gave a response, but I don't really understand his response. I really would like to understand what's going. If you would like to understand me a little and how I recently got into experimenting with Taoist Sexual Qigong (I'm now beginning to widen my practice a bit with Taijiquan) here's a link to my introduction. Here's the question I asked to Master Chia. "Hello, I've been experimenting with some of Mantak Chia's work. While self stimulating, and flexing my perineum. I slowly began to feel warmth move up from the base of my spine, to my stomach, then to my chest, and then to my head. Eventually my whole body was radiating, and it felt very pleasant. From what I understand this is the full body orgasm correct? Though this was quite amazing and pleasant, I expected this, based off of Mantak Chia's description of multiple orgasms, and full body orgasms. However, as I continued, I eventually got to the point of no return, and decided to release. And what happened next was mind blowing, figuratively and literally. It felt as if an intense beam of light was shooting out the crown of my head, almost like I was getting blasted out of my mind. It didn't last long, only for a brief moment, and when it ended, I was completely taken aback, I didn't expect that at all, and I had never felt anything remotely like it, or that powerful. The closest experience I've had to that was my experience with ayahuasca a very powerful South American hallucinogen. My question is, what was that? I couldn't really find much online about it. I also had the distinct feeling that what I felt was only the surface level of what could be experienced. I felt like it was possible for it to last longer if not indefinitely if I wanted it to, and for it to be deeper/brighter. May you provide some guidance? I would be most grateful, thank you. " His response was: "That's the reflect of the energy from the earth from perineum combine with the heavens force."
  3. Hello and my first qestion

    hi im new in eastern teaching. began with mantak chia doing his exercise to criculate enery directly to my head and transmuitation i already feel more intellligent like a genius like napoleon hill said im his book about think and grow rich with sexual tramsntation so i wathc naruto and there is a character called rock lee and he can open his 8 gates to achieve the lotus and gain speed resisance and more for a period of time im wondering if there arer some practixes or exercices to make myself able to make do it by myself to incfrease my strehngt and speed and semen treretion sory for my bad grammmar my kekbard is a lite bad nowadays and im witjout money amd a little conf used recently emaybe too much energy am also recovering form pornm adcicdtion thansx
  4. Hi all, First off is there any way to delete a topic on the mobile version of this site? All I see are options to edit posts. So I have started my journey of meditation, but I was wondering if it should be coupled with some form of weight training, or cardio. In Chia's Awaken Healing Light of the Tao, he says exercise is important, but that you lose chi when you get out of breath. Should I just get into the sauna as exercise and do some Zhan Zhaung in there? I dont know if Im ready for Chi Gong or how I would practice it because I dont have wifi so I can't watch youtube really. Any good books that teach Chi Gong? Also I enjoy running on the beach by my house. Should I do that or would it mess up my energy to be out of breath? I used to go to the gym a lot, but I am a small guy so I have to eat a ton to gain any weight. I really don't think I need to be gaining weight, I just liked the effects of the gym (increased testosterone, increased vascularity). What are you guys' opinion on these topics. I know theres already a post about weightlifting which I have read. P.S. Does anyone find Mantak Chia's 6 healing sounds or Inner Smile meditations useful?
  5. Dan Tien Breathing

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, but very intrigued. I did my first post and shared a little about myself, however, I am honestly just here asking for help. I have a few books on Taoism (Tao Te Ching, Awaken Healing Light of the Tao by Chia, The Tao of Inner Peace), but I am very new on my path. I spent a few years smoking a lot of Cannabis recently before I got started on my new path with meditations and Taoism and I feel as if the energy was mostly in my head. I was living in a state of needing to always be high. I am worried a may have gotten some blockages or stuck energy because when I do deep abdominal (lower dan tien) breathing there is a bit of tightness when I fully inhale that is sort of painful. Also there is tightness in my lower back a little. What is the best system to start trying to fix this? I do deep belly breathing, but should I be doing it all day every day? Or just once a day? I am a cery dedicated person I just need to be pointed in the right direction. I am awaiting "Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body" that I ordered on Amazon. Any book or lifestyle suggestions would greatly help me. Also, when I do some deep breathing I can crack my upper spine by pulling my shoulders back. Im assuming this means stuck energy being dislodged? I am I lifegaurd at a pool for the summer and have a lot of free time during the day. Any advice guys? Thank you in advance for anyone sharing knowledge
  6. Greetings

    Hello everyone, I decided to make an account because I have a lot of questions and I was always looking at people's post on here anyway. I am a 19 year old college student. I currently do a basic qigong meditation with my hands hugging the air in front of me around my heart area. Since I spent a lot of time in my last few years smoking cannabis and even becoming dependent upon it, my energy body is not in great condition. When I do my standing meditation my hips and lower back sort of ache with in-breaths and I am able to crack my spine. I assume this means I am releasing stagnant chi. I recently was web surfing and came across semen retention. I instantly resonated with the idea of not wasting my seed. Im currently on the 7th day of not ejaculating. I had "blue balls" or tension in those lower chakras at times, but it was never that bad, and I always worked through it. I later came across a pdf about tantra which I found interesting at the time and then Mantak Chia's book Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Energy. I also immidiately ordered the Male Multiple Orgasm by Chia and its coming this week. I enjoyed "Cultivating Male Energy" at first, but soon found reviews of some of the techniques as being marked as dangerous. I read Id be best to start off with Awakening Healing Energy Through the Tao by Chia. I also read Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds are more beginner oriented. I am used to going to the gym 6 days a week, but I'm starting to think Qigong, meditation techniques, and Taoism should take priority in my life. I'm also struggling to figure out if i should be releasing my sexual energy or continuing to store it. I don't mind spending hours a day practicing techniques, I just need somewhere to start. I want to know if I should dive straight into the Multiorgasmic Man by Chia or perhaps start with something lighter. I have a girlfriend and I told her I want to be celibate so I can grow spiritually more. She's on board with it, but I'm not sure if I think there is a purpose if I cant transmute the energy into other places. PLEASE help me guys. I would love to gain more info on these subjects for I have no master.
  7. New To Testicles Breathing

    When practicing testicle breathing should you as well as practice celibacy to improve results? And how long does it take to have a successful session with testicle breathing. When you center your attention around your testicles should I feel like a cold icy feel down there when breathing? And is it the breath going from the testicles to the spine? Any Tips
  8. cool draw - testicle breathing

    Okay, I am having a hard time trying to feel my CHI go up my spine when practicing the cool draw known as testicle breathing I just cant feel it and worried if I have some blockages? I have been study a little sexual kung fu as described by Mantak Chia in his book the Multi-Orgasmic Man. I also have back pain when standing for long periods of time do to a injury some time last year, but I never went to the doctor. I am in my early 20's so do you think this will effect my sessions at home or will my back get stronger do to practicing Mantak Chia practices?
  9. Hi everybody! the aim of this post is to give valuable support for people that started their journey into Chi with Mantak Chia's Book Healing light of the Tao, I'll give few of my advice and I hope that either Healing Tao and non healing tao Teachers could contribute with their knowledge to help me and other out there looking for some help. This is not a topic about Master Chia validity or not. I'm just writing this little review, trying to make it Google friendly in order to help someone like me to crack this big fat book. What I wrote could be annoying for advanced practitioner. Said that, this is a short biography of my last 3years, I have to write it to make some sense : I'm 28 and 3 or 4 Years ago I realize two things : 1) I wasn't happy, nor had inner peace and that sex was sth I was using to cover my "pain body" as tolle would call it; 2) That ejaculating was draining my vital energy. I wanted to know more about it. Looking for a solution for the first, I started Sahaja yoga, a kind of chakra meditation, and the solution for the second was the book Taoist Secrets of Love. I tried to learn the method to have the dry orgasm, but in the middle of the book was written sth like "if you want to get deeper and effective, you must learn first the Microcosmic Orbit", since I wasn't getting nowhere with this book besides becoming more and more guilty about loosing sperm , I started to read Healing light of the Tao. The Sahaja meditation I was doing was not for me, I could feel it, didn't get inner peace nor small benefit, plus I'm a really logic person and I want everything explained. Mantak Chia was my man. I was astonished reading through the Healing light book and the promises about this magical Microcosmic Orbit benefit. I dropped the first meditation and started to practice taoist inner alchemy. I did it for 4 months 20 min at day, but I was not constant and the result was that I never really felt this notorious "Chi", whatever it was. Kind of lost interest and dropped also this practice. ADVICE NUMBER ONE : If you are new to meditation and want a jumpstart...GO VIPASSANA! 2 years ago I heard about Vipassana retreat, 10 days in silence, and around 12h meditation per day. I gave it a try, since in the book The way of the superior man David Deida said that a man to discover his purpose in life should spend at least half and hour in silence...With more than 100h of meditation I just wanted to be sure to find it I guess . Here is where THE MAGIC HAPPENED, on the 5th day I started to clearly feel my Chi, during the meditations, everyone was covered with blankets because of the cold BUT me, I was on fire, I started to feel it more and more, was a great experience. That gave me a purpose in life actually, help people to heal naturally. At the moment I'm specializing in Craniosacral theraphy and on the way to study QiGong Healing. HEADACHES : Once back I thought I could easily get through the Mantak Chia book, was easier but still the learning curve was slow and frustrating. I was actually progressing but had HEADACHES for like 4-5 month, all day (I started to practice seminal retention to increase my energy level), basically the energy was coming up the spine, but since the front channel was all closed was keeping to load in the brain. This is not totally a negative sign, reading in the Taoist Sexual secret is written that all this energy helps soften the cranial bones allowing more energy to flow in from heavenly source. ADVICE NUMBER TWO : Look for GOOD help. Have to say that I tried to search a local Tai Chi Master, I took the class for one year hoping to get more advice, but I got (besides physical benefit) info's that I could read in 10 pages of Chia's book, plus many of the older practitioner there where doing taichi since 4-5 years WITHOUT NEVER FEELING CHI or being acknowledged about the MO, I couldn't afford such a waste of time, I wanted to see benefit now, not in ten years. Also the master was a lot of things but not a master. I got great benefit from my solo practice, with no teacher and no advice, and I tell you was hard, It would have really speed my up to have a toist inner alchemy teacher close by to refer and ask advice and guidance. ADVICE NUMBER THREE : Lee Holden is Mantak Chia 2.0, will help you a great deal. I found out on internet that there was this guy, Lee Holden, who is a senior instructior of the Healing Tao that was having a lot of success selling his products, so I bought Taoist sexual secrets audiocourse and after this one, basically all of themt : Qi for health and healing, qi gong for self healing, posture of power and Healing Sounds. No need to buy all, would be enough to have Qi for health and healing to almost immediately start to have benefit, he basically teaches the Mantak Chia stuff but in a easier way, really smoothly. It's much more easy to close the eyes and follow a guided meditation on the Healing Sounds or the MO than read the 100steps in the Healing Light right?. Plus the guy is really friendly and surprisingly answered me in two email I sent to him. Little ADVICE : Actually to try out with no expenses and check if you like him, do like this : Get an Audible account, they give you a free credit, with this credit you can buy a 8h course "taoist sexual secrets" by Lee Holden. ADVICE NUMBER FOUR : Read Robert Peng's book, The master key. Peng book is awesome, it's a kind of fusion between the Healing Light of the Tao and The power of Now by Edkar Tolle . His system as a totally different approach by Mantak Chia but this is the good thing, they are complementary, while Chia and Lee will focus on the Microcosmic Orbit, Peng focuses on the Three Threasure. Easy to follow, easy to get results. The book speaks for himself. Little ADVICE : if you are planning to buy the video series or the audioseries, go for the video, much better, check from his site or soundstrue, whichever is cheaper. ADVICE NUMBER FIVE : You need a digital recorder. What will speed up your practice with the Healing light of the Tao is to register the single step described in the book and hear them while practicing. ADVICE NUMBER FIVE : Always keep Healing Light of The Tao handy. This book is really really full with precious info's and advice you'll need to know, besides is not easy to digest, you will eventually in a year or two, and I promise you will change your life. ADVICE NUMBER SIX: Cultivate your VIRTUE. Sex helps get the motivation BUT BE AWARE. My initial was not to lose vital energy, but later become not to be anymore slave of sex and masturbation. although one can accomplish the dry orgasm without getting along with the spiritual part of taoism, I would not suggest that. First of all because it could be dangerous to play with fire if you don't know how to handle it, and second because sexual energy has multiplying capability, means that if you have sexual cultivation and you are a person always angry with the liver full of negative energy, you'll be MORE angry. You need to know Inner smile and Healing sounds AT LEAST. ADVICE NUMBER SEVEN: Discover your right diet. The first 100 day to a year of practice, a vegetarian or vegan diet will help detoxify your body, later, you have to find if this diet is still good for you or not. I started vegan, I did my study , read the China Study, and ate properly, the first 6 month to a year I was feeling great, later I began to became skinny and weak. The more meditation I was doing and the more aware of myself I was becoming, the more I felt my spleen was suffering, and that besides the long meditations I was doing, seemed like the energy was always going away. When I started to eat with the taoist approach I realized that I have a COLD CONSTITUTION and since the stomach is the cauldron that should transform the food in a soup at 38C/100F and since the spleen is the fire, eating mostly row, was depleting my spleen from energy, to warm up the cold food. After 2 month change of eating habit was all another story, the energy I was gaining in meditation wasn't leaving me anymore to compensate the unbalances. So, check out the right way for you. Avoid extremes. WHAT I WOULD DO NOW IF I SHOULD START BACK AGAIN : So: I never felt Chi, I have not done much meditation, no good teacher close by and I want to : Learn how to get rid of negative emotions eventually gain inner peace developing my virtue not to be enslaved by my sexual drive heal myself ecc... I would follow this order : Realize what are my motivation, where I am and where I want to be, who I want to became, develop a visualization board as described in "the secret", put in my bedroom and look at it before and after sleep. Will help keep on track. Read The Power of Now book, get very good at being always aware of the present moment. Get to a Vipassana course, if possible. Develop my concentration and breathing. The Heart Rhythm Meditation is great, as well as the book Elizabeth Towne - Just How to Wake the Solar Plexus, that you can find for free. Get the book Healing Light of the Tao by Mantak Chia, and I would read it, but I would do the "warming the stove" practice and "opening the basic MO". There is the need to recharge the inner battery, will take time. Get and read The Master Key by Robert Peng, get the video course and start to practice along with point 4. Get at least The body of Light or Qi for health and healing by Lee Holden if not all of them and start practice along with point 4 and 5, this system is complementary to Peng one. I would not RUSH, because the better the foundation the more the benefits. After a good 6 month to a year of doing point 3 to 6 I would get my digital recorder and start seriously to develop a plan with The Healing Light of The Tao to add the earth force, than cosmic one, than universal love, sexual and finally Heavenly force. BENEFIT I GOT FROM MY PRACTICE : As you understood, I don't have a Taoist teacher and online product are the one for me. I did all by myself and again, wasn't easy, I had most of the detox effect that come from the practice, my determination kept me on track, I had UP and terribly DOWN moment and found out that right after the "down" one I almost always gained a new level of energy or awareness. At the moment I am at point 9 opening to UNIVERSAL LOVE, and guys, IT'S AMAZING. Here are some benefits I gained up to know : I'm not a sex slave, I look at woman in a different way. When I'm aroused, If love take place, I can last as long as I want and without having ejaculation get a LOT of pleasure (Besides I not yet experienced the full body orgasm, need to clean more my MO, and work on my INTENTION POWER.). If making love is not an option, no more blue balls or awake night, because I bring the energy up my spine, and into my navel. Awesome. Gained the famous inner peace, and when life is hard, I can detect and get rid of emotional energy quite fast. I'm grounded, more loving, confident... Got out the Sjogren Syndrome, without medicine...IN YOUR FACE DOCTORS! At the moment my navel is on fire, I have so much energy, but in balanced way. I'm able to move energy at will in my body and in other people, just need to touch them. Since I'm getting so much good energy my Craniosacral skill increased a lot, like having the capability to extend my heart aura to a point to envelop me and the client in order to have a more effective treatment. Also gave orgasm to a couple of woman I was treating, which was really funny (but I was able to keep being centered and not to take advantage of the situation because I'm not a slave anymore, and I connected the heart(love) with the sexual energy(arousal ) Able to absorb energy from everywhere, like nature, air, earth, food, ecc.. LAST ADVICE : REALLY IMPORTANT, LEARN HOW TO GROUND PROPERLY I didn't do the step as listed above and have to admit that my Healing Light book was developing some dust, I stopped with the book at the Basic MO practice, because I was super happy about the great deal of benefit and energy that I was loading thanks to Robert Peng and Lee Holden. When, a couple of month ago, I started to feel almost STONED, my head like exploding and for the first time since I started the practice I WAS AFRAID I couldn't handle that amount of energy, and I wandered if was the case to stop. But the answer was in the fact that I needed good foundations, basically I needed to LEARN HOW TO GROUND PROPERLY, so, I got back to the Healing Light of the Tao and following the seven step properly again, dedicating at least 2-3 weeks at each poing, most of all the part related with THE EARTH ENERGY. As soon as I learnt how to get the yin earthy energy all the problems left me, I was basically accumulating too much yand energy. Hope you'll find it helpful, if you need some question I'll try to answer related to my level, maybe some Teacher or more advanced practictioner will drop by, since I have questions too Enjoy the weekend taobuddies! PS= excuse my english mistakes. Wailonx
  10. I've recently heard some people commenting that Mantak Chia's work is dangerous, particularly the Bone Marrow Washing (Iron Shirt 3). Has anyone done that work and care to comment on that?
  11. Hi all

    Hi everyone, I'm starting to get into Daoism to preserve my health and extend my life. I first started with Mantak Chia's Healing Light of Tao but after reading the horror stories about people destroying their bodies with his techniques, I've started again with Lam Kam Chuen's Way of Energy which teaches Zhan Zhuang and the Eight Pieces of Brocade, using Damo Mitchell's Daoist Nei Gong to correct my posture. Are these good (safe) books? Any other recommendations? Thank you and I look forward to learning!
  12. Dear Ones, I have not come across any english article on the web that explaines crane neck rocking (term from Mantak Chia's "Awaken Healing Light of the Tao") more precise than in the actual book: "[...] 1. in which it is explained to arching lumbars l-2 and l-3 of your spine to the front as you stretch the neck to the back. 2. stretch the neck like a crane. stretch the chin out, curve it in, and touch it to the throat. at the same time, push back the lumbar area, creating a wavelike movement [....]" I want to see this "live" in a video or if no-where available on a picture or an illustration. Is there anything you know of that shows Crane Neck Rocking illustrated?
  13. In my opinion the best Taoist teacher on this planet right now is Mantak Chia. I say this because the majority of his work is published online for anyone interested to read and practice for free. He has various youtube video's that are also for free and he explains the phenomena that we experience as objectively as he can. I really don't think you can go wrong with this guy. I plan on saving up the funds to go to his retreat in Thailand which is fairly cheap compared to many other teachers. Here are some links if you want to check out the best Taoist teacher on this planet and rid yourself of delusion. If anyone else knows of someone similar to Mantak Chia who exemplifies the qualities we should expect from an enlightened Grandmaster then please post it, or post your experiences with Mantak Chia. (No offence intended to the great teachers on these boards, I know there are a couple but I won't say names)
  14. Hello again friends. Ive been reading through some Mantak Chia books and the Initiation Into Hermetics book by Franz Bardon. I am asking myself what Mantak Chia means by making an energy body, while Franz Bardon and myself believe we already have one? Are the two concepts different in any of your understanding? Does Chia aim to meld the energy or astral body that we all have into a new form? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks guys.
  15. Mantak Chia talks about Lama Dondrup Dorje in his text Tai Chi II - Discharge Form This bubble that Lama Dondrup Dorje talks about, is it the same energy bubble that protects the energy body and physical body (the one created in formula 5 of the fusion 1 practice)?
  16. I've been practicing Fusion for a few months (the first 4 fusion formulas). I sit in half lotus as my preference, rather than chait sitting. I'd just like some tips on condensing techniques and how you create a denser pearl... I'm open to any fusion tips people care to share...
  17. Initial Post

    Hello Everyone -- This looks like a great website and I'm looking forward to being part of it. Just this year I discovered Mantak Chia's book about Cultivating Male Sexuality, and it is something that I'm trying to do. Started in August and have had mixed results. Part of this is I think that I am trying to do this all on my own, and it would be great to talk to some experienced people that could maybe help guide me along the way. I also have started w Qi Gong, 8 pieces of brocade, and enjoy that as well. I think the benefits of semen retention are obvious, but again, being new to this, have questions
  18. I recently read an article by Michael Winn about clearifying confusion about the fusion of the 5 elements practices. I'd like to know if any of you have done chia's fusion of the five elements and cosmic fusion exercises? My questions are regarding the change in state of consciousness experienced, and side effects concerns etc. I am interested in the exercises. I just thought I'd try for some feedback here first. Michael suggests that cosmic fusion is better performed first, prior to the fusion of the five elements. His reasons below: Does anyone has some experience reagrding this? Does anyone have either experience feeling what he describes as feeling "overwhelmed by negative feelings" via the Fusion of the five elements work, or does anyone have experience in reversing the formulas as he describes? Can anyone comment on the permenant changes that take place by anchoring the "spritual feotus" in the lower abdomen? Any other comments?