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  1. Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson - 2014 Seminars During the beginning of March 2014, Professor Jerry Alan Johnson will come out of retirement and teach two exciting 3-Day Seminars in Monterey California. “In recent times, the original energetic techniques that were traditionally passed down from master to disciple in the clinic, are not being preserved or incorporated into modern acupuncture colleges. This is because many of these esoteric energetic techniques were considered to be “superstitious” by the Communist Party, and were rejected because of their spiritual connotations. It is sad to witness, that instead of creating intuitive energetic healers, most modern acupuncture colleges tend to generate sterile/mechanical “point by numbers” technicians. When I began my formal clinical training back in 1978, my acupuncture teacher shared several special techniques and energetic applications used for clinical application, that were passed down to him from his master. To date, I have not witnessed any of these clinical applications being taught to modern acupuncture students. These clinical techniques included special Talismans, Incantations, and Chants used while performing Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping, Qigong Exercises, and when constructing Herbal Prescriptions.” – Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson. Medical Qigong Therapy Seminar 2014 (March 9th-11th) Clinical Talismans Used To Enhance A Patient’s Healing Day #1: Introduction To Clinical Protection1. Sleeping Dragon, One Through Ten Meditation & 3 Invocations • Upper Palate Seal and Tongue Positions • Hand Seals used to induce greater Energetic States • Important Images and Visualizations • Secret Incantations used to protect the student from absorbing clinical pathogens 2. Safe Clinical Purification Techniques • Important Preparations and Precautions Against Absorbing Toxic Qi from the Clinic • Sacred Sound Purification Incantations and Healing Talismans 3. The Art of Creating and Activating Healing Talismans • Important Preparations for Generating Healing Power • Secret Energetic Activation Patterns and their Clinical Applications Day #2: Introduction To Healing Talismans1. Special Needle and Hand Seal Applications used with ancient Healing Talismans • Activating and Imprinting Acupuncture Needles and Acupuncture Points • Activating and Imprinting Moxa Sticks and Moxa Cones • Activating and Imprinting Cups and creating Sacred Cupping Patterns • Wild-Crafting, Activating, and Imprinting Herbs and Herbal Formulae Day #3: Using Healing Talismans On Shen (Mind/Heart) Disturbed Patients1. When To Apply an Emergency Healing Talisman Onto A Shen Disturbed Patient’s Body • Preparations and Precautions • Sealing the Yellow Court and Removing Energetic “Hitch-hikers” Daoist Nei-Gong Training Seminar 2014 (March 13th-15th) Introduction to Esoteric Daoist Alchemy Day #1: Introduction To Daoist Alchemy – Understanding The Metaphysical RealmsThe Secret Teachings of the Three Bodies & Three Worlds • The Heavenly Treasures of the Sun, Moon, and Five Planets • The Earthly Treasures of the Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human Realms • The Human Treasures of the Essence, Energy, and Spirit • The Creative Powers of the Body, Energy, and Mind (*Meditation Practice) 2. Daoist Magic and Immortality • The Energetic Formation Of the Universe • The Original Essence, Original Energy, Original Spirit • Returning To Your Original Nature (*Meditation Practice) 3. The Five Pure Lights • The Prenatal (Congenital) Virtues and the Channels of Light • The Postnatal (Acquired) Emotions and the Shadow Channels • Purging the Shadow Channels (*Meditation Practice) Day #2: External Solar, Lunar, and Planetary Elixir Cultivation Used to Enhance the Body’s QiCreating Celestial Elixirs Using Special Minerals and secret Daoist Talismans Gathering The Sun’s Essence (Used to Increase the Body’s Original Yang Qi) Gathering The Moon’s Essence (Used to Increase the Body’s Original Yin Qi) Gathering The Essence Of The 5 Planets (Used to Regulate the Body’s Original Jing, Qi and Shen) Day #3: Internal Elixir Cultivation Used To Balance The Body’s Yin and Yang Energies1. Special Meditations, Hand Seals, and secret internal applications used for cultivating the Stellar Essence of the Sun, Moon, and Five Planets for Cultivating the Sun Essence For more information or to sign up go to :