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Found 4 results

  1. Millennials Rising on C-SPAN

    Interesting to look back now today at what was predicted back then-
  2. The Millennials are coming

    The Millennials are coming. No one can deny the Millennial presence was strongly felt in the 2008 U.S. election. Here are some good resources explaining their traits. Their conformity, obsession to fit in with everyone else, inability to go against the group, inability to find their own path in life, their proficiency with and reliance on technology, expressiveness, narcissism, their extremely high unemployment rate, their inability to take criticism, their need of constant praise, optimism and belief in themselves regardless of reality, their conventionality, why they have ideas like achieving consensus is more important than your own personal beliefs, how racially diverse they are, how comfortable with and accepting they are of inter-racial and gay marriage, how so many of them love tattoos, their civic mindedness, how unified they are politically, and their Liberalism. Their core traits are that they believe they are special, and they are sheltered, confident, team oriented, conventional, pressured, and achieving. Neil Howe- Neil Howe on 60 minutes- CBS 60 Minutes on Millennials- PBS research-
  3. The Generations of Today

    Recently I have been extremely interested in how people are affected not just from in-born instincts, but from their cultural upbringing as well. Within a culture, depending when a person is born and grows up, they may end up being very different from people born at a different time. Today we can see a wide variety of generations co-existing in one time period. The generations today are G.I's also called the Greatest Generation, The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials also sometimes called Generation Y, and the new Homeland Security generation also called Generation Z. Here is Neil Howe on the Generations-
  4. The Fourth Turning

    The concept of Fourth Turning, and a repeating pattern every four generation, is extremely interesting-