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  1. Exercise- Plans and Challenges

    In my PPD I mentioned I've been meaning to do a 30 day challenge. They have quite a few exercise programs based on 30 Day, involved some very involved ones. They have dozens of programs from kettlebell to sword to breathing, but most involve body techniques. What's nice is that most are nicely printed single sheets. I've been meaning to get off my ass and start the 3,000 squats/1,000 push ups one. I mentioned it, member Taiji said he'd be doing a darebee Punching protocol that includes lots of pushups. Yada yada.. so I'm creating this New topic so people can talk about the exercise challenge they're taking on. How its going. What's hard, whats worthwhile, what benefits they're getting. Taking on a challenge, doing it daily that is what gong fu is all about, learning and stretching our abilities.