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  1. I'm fascinated with the psoas. But it's also the part of my body giving me the most trouble with getting energy flow going. It seems like anything I do causes energy to pool above the lower abdomen, and just trickle down the legs, affecting the free flowing through the channels. I've tried a lot of energetic interventions, and nothing seems to have touched this like working directly with the physical body. Recently started a spontaneous Qigong practice, and in a few days my body went from stiff to supple, and energy flow from slow and turbid to somewhat decent. And it also loosened up my mostly unresponsive psoas. I currently do a hip mobility routine and yoga stretches for the hip, David Berceli's Trauma / Tension Release Exercises, the couch stretch for the hip flexors and the Egoscue Supine groin progressive release. If anyone has any experience with this part of the body or can point me to something I could do that would help, I'd appreciate it greatly. In any case, I'm always up for a discussion about the psoas. Love, urbanyogi