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  1. Underwater cities off Cuba part of lost Atlantis Skepticism and Science are defeated Videos with images of the underwater cities discovered off Cuba, consisting of Pyramids, Cubic structures, Domes, Metallic structures, and Roads, 2000 feet under the sea- Part 2- The World's Mysterious Places- Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Mysterious Places: Atlantis (Morgana's Observatory) Article about Plato's description The Cycle of Time "Brushing Off the Enshrouding Dust": The Ancient Atlantic Continent The Ancient Hebrew Kabbalistic and Magic Alphabets Kabbalah Tarot and Hebrew Alphabet are both 22 parts + the name of god YHVH. Greek and even English could be more distantly related, english alphabet is 26 parts. Tarot is where heiryoglyphs come from Tarot - Crystalinks 40,000 year old footprints in mexico cause evolutionists to scramble to make desperate and irrational exuses. Mexican Footprints lol! "evolutionists unhappy with results!" Notice how they claim, "it must be either a whole magnitude wrong and they must be way older, or they're not footprints at all then probably, or this or that excuse, but it can't be what the dating methods indicated!" Lol @ scrambling to make excuses and reinterpret things There are over 100 submarine plateaus and ridges scattered throughout the oceans, dotted with islands, and many may be submerged continental fragments that have not been completely ‘oceanized’, as suggested by ‘anomalously’ thick crust and finds of ‘impossibly’ ancient continental rocks. More potential lost continents- Ice Age civilizations destroyed, as well as massive extinctions of animal species, such as the Wooly Mamoth, Wooly Rhino, and Sabretooth Tiger- Earth changes, we know the exact dates The Official Graham Hancock Website: Underworld NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Sea Level Rise, After the Ice Melted and Today Geotimes - June 2002 - Glacial Mystery ANTARCTIC ICE SHEET KEY TO SUDDEN SEA LEVEL RISE IN THE PAST The reality is that sea levels rose quite rapidly. Ice age map, but they forgot Atlantis, anyways we see most of the world was Frozen, and Africa was covered in lakes and water prior to 10,500 BC. In any case most the the habitable lands centered at the equator prior t0 10,500BC are now under water- Not the best place to be running around throwing spears at animals- Glaciers before 10.500 BC Glaciers after 10,500 BC they melted and the earth's tilt axis shifted The "Bullard" fit should be called the "Bullshit" fit Sunken continents vs. continental drift Map There is simply no fit. They don't even fit together and its a big lie! We also see that this area was once the edge of a continent now lost in the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously a continent existed between north and south america in the Atlantic Ocean, Plate tectonics is nonsense What kind of catacalysm hit the globe so hard that we forgot about a whole continent full of pyramids, civilized and indeginous cultures?