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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, I need some help here and I would appreciate your guys feedback on this topic. It seems to me every time I try to mediate on the lower dantian below my navel I lose concentration because I feel energy running through my back? I was wondering is this do to my back injury in my upper back because I sometimes feel this energy just by standing still and concentrating. It feels like thousand little electrified ants running in my back is this my chi or is this normal for people with back pain? I usually feel this energy get stronger when I mediate, so is my back trying to heal itself or is this loose chi from my back injury or could this be my spinal fluid? Any ideas?
  2. Pain in lower back

    I woke up two sundays ago with a pain in my lower back. The pain goes a little then comes back and I dont understand what I am doing that makes it better or worse. I am trying spinal cord breathing and I cant tell if that helps or not. I also cant identify if it is my sacrum or coccyx. It is this lumpy bone above the crack of ass. It hurts sitting or bending over. Any advice? Any video instructions to massage it myself? Any meditations? Tea? Route I am thinking is taking nurofen and going for a medical massage tomorrow.