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Found 2 results

  1. What does your diet look like?

    I am trying to find my way with food. Particularly, coming off Suboxone, I need energy, liver, kidneys and brain regeneration. Sleep is an issue as well. On a deeper level, I'm practicing the very, VERY beginnings of internal alchemy, and thus am interested in changing my body's pH balance. I identify as a Taoist, because it is easiest, but I'm more specifically an esoteric mystic, I guess. I want to know what everyone eats, an their experience with food, changing diets. I just stopped eating meat a few days ago. I have decided I will not eat anything I would be unwilling to procure. So, I would milk a cow, takean egg, kill a shrimp, maybe even a fish. But nothing else. This happens naturally also. I have no moral issue with killing animals, but I do have a moral issue with industry. So ANYWAY: What do you identify as? (Taoist, Buddhist, atheist, gnostic luciferian,Catholic etc.) What does your diet look like? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snack? How did you come to this diet? What benefits have you noticed from it? How have your different diets made you feel? Any other observations about certain foods, supplements, etc? Drugs/medications: side effects, benefits and food interactions? Any other comments or pieces of advice? SPECIFICALLY FOR TAOISTS Grains or no grains? Are whole grains okay? Natural sugar vs. refined sugar? Carbs vs no carbs? Cooked versus raw food? Vegetable/fruit juice: Pastuerized or unpastuerized? Better or worse than eating the entire fruit/vegetable? Smoothies? FASTING: Resources? How long?(min./max) Experiences? I really appreciate it guys. I'd like this thread to be a resource for everyone. I find it very difficult to learn what the Taoists diet looks like. I understand this is because of the individual nature of Taoism, and it's feminine and embracing nature. But still, I'd like to know how others eat and why.
  2. I have been thinking about this one recently and want to share my thoughts. Other than the obvious observation that historically, the majority of living things have simply gone about eating their prey for survival, I would like to add to this. I'm not talking about moral choices here. I wrote a thread on turning vegetarian a while ago and I stopped the practice after 3 weeks. I felt that my 'morals' were more of an illusion, or even a confusion and that vegetarianism wasn't a part of my nature. What I am wanting to do is not go down that road of debating right from wrong, but the nature in how things occur. Here is my recent thought: The stomach is a predator. What happens if we do not eat? The stomach eats away at us...until we (and of course, it) die. So we are born to be slaves nourishing it. We cannot help this fact. The stomach certainly likes flesh - can we deny that? So by eating meat, are we simply feeding something what it needs? I don't want to say "something that it wants", because that would imply that it has a mind of its own. That is also probably something that I expect to fall into this convo though! I would love to hear your thoughts on this.