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  1. After several years of daily meditation and breathing practices, I have reached what feels like a very uncomfortable mid-point, where I can feel partially opened channels in my body, but am suffering all kinds of discomfort because they feel seriously twisted and contain some major blockages. Before anything opened up, my body consisted of many different abnormalities such as warped and twisted bones which no Western doctor has been able to explain. I can now see that all of these physical anomalies are situated in the places along the channels where I can feel blockages, so it seems that my irregular physique was like a living fossil of energetic problems. Firstly, I was wondering how common this kind of thing is. After baffling a sufficient number of doctors, I’ve now been asked to allow them to map my genome as they consider me such a curiosity. Clearly this isn’t something they encounter very often, but surely I’m not that unique as there’s an endless number of people complaining about blockages, twists and deviations on forums such as this. Am I just an extreme case? The second question I’m hoping those with more experience and wisdom than me can answer is whether the daily practices I do (mainly meditation, alternate nostril breathing, nine bottle breath, MCO visualisation) are helping or hindering me. I’m particularly worried it may be the latter because, as I say, I’ve reached a point where I’ve partially opened the channels and dissolved blockages, but it means I feel the existing twists and obstructions more keenly than ever before. Every time I succeed in “getting out of my own way” during meditation, so that energy starts moving on its own, I run up against these extreme physical barriers. It seems I have only two options: to push ahead with what I am doing, or stop altogether. Obviously stopping is the most sensible option, but I can feel the half-dissolved obstructions and half-straightened channels constantly in my daily life whether I’m trying to or not, so it’s very hard not to try to do something to deal with it. I’m suffering a great deal of discomfort all over my body, as well as frequent headaches and fatigue, so is this a sign of things opening up or of things going horribly wrong? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey guys, this is my first post to this forum, sry that this initially a searching for help. The begin with, i am practicing semen retention for like 1 1/2 years, but often times no longer than 1 1/2 weeks because of sex with my girlfriend. So my problem started around the beginning of march. Because of studying i experienced a lot of stress (only few sleep), and also at around that time i tried some yoga breath of fire. I don't know which of those thing induced it, but i then had massive brain fog and kind of derealisation for around 2 weeks. At the end of this phase of brainfog i already noticed that people couldn't look me into the eyes anymore, but i also noticed that i had a too stong eye contact. I basically was searching for eye contact. When i took a look in the mirror, my eyes also seemed like there was energy trapped, and they do not look that clear. Also others peolpe eyes started to shine much more, some much more than others. I also had crazy kundalini symptoms, where there was pressure inside my head (electric like sensation) which would not go away. I switched out my normal lifting routine to daily (gentle) yoga and 8 brocades Qigong about one month ago (which also was a good decision, because i was pretty fatigued and am now gaining back some energy). I still have those kundalini electric sensations, but they have moved to around my chest level. I was a daily meditator before this event, but i'm not meditation anymore because it makes the sensations come up stronger, or makes them more noticeable. The brainfog is completely gone and i kind of dont have to much problem with this electric sensation around my chest, only with the energy in my eyes and the shining of other peoples eyes. This is a huge problem for my interaction with other people and it is making me kind of crazy on some days. I initially thought it was being due to being ungrounded, but even after walking one hour outside barefoot and now in the summer often times being barefoot outside, this "eye" thing doesn't change to much. I have the feeling that Qigong and Yoga do quite help, and my eye contact has gotten a little bit more normal, and even some eyes of certain persons dont shine at all, and i can really have easy normal interactions. Still, i would love to hear if you have any tips or practices for me, because this issue really kills me. Kind Regards
  3. Hi, I have been wondering if you ever experienced the different personalities/perspectives that exists within you. did you notice how life triggers shift you from one to another ? Some consider it as a fragmentation in consciousness, that happens when we experience a strong situation in the past and mostly in our childhood and so your consciousness would escape in itself by creating another self with a specific perspective of for example: fear. When I meditate, i do reach a stage of presence and awareness and also I feel that my mind is empty of thoughts but when I have to some work like create something or solve a problem..., I cannot remain in that perspective of nothingness and oneness and such and my answer would be allow it to be as it is and i will be fired from work hehehehe. I m now more like shifting between different perspective of life (sometimes consciously and sometimes triggers), but my question would be how to integrate them? or do I need to integrate them? What is your perspective about this perspective?
  4. Hi, I believe that everything in life exists in a neutral state. and its usage may lead to both positive or negative result upon intention. I was wondering, what is the positive side of: Attachment, desire, resentment, judgement and escapism. what is the negative side of: acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, authenticity, empathy, awareness, present moment. Also, what is the positive and negative side of your current belief/practice ? I believe the inability to find the positive in what we call negative or the negative in what we call positive reveals a lack in awareness and flexible perspective of life. Thank you.
  5. Qi/Energy Practice Over Years

    I signed up for this forum over a decade ago. At the time, I was studying both Buddhist and Daoist systems of practice. Over the years, my Daoist, energy, qi etc. based practices have changed, come and gone. My Buddhist practice has evolved quite a bit, but remains a steady core part of my life. I am wondering: for those who have engaged in energy-based practices long-term, what have you seen over the last decade or so? If you could beam back a transmission to your younger self, what would you say? What has worked and what hasn't? Have you discovered a simple, easy daily practice set?
  6. A New sense ?

    Hi all, hope you are having a great day ! So basically recently I have been feel in tune with a certain inner sense/intuition/feeling, i m not sure how to define it exactly, but i will try to describe it. This sense feels like a sense of inner knowing that this is what is going to happen and this is what should happen. this sense feels like confidence combine with heart, connected with life. I m struggling with understanding it mentally, and it is overwhelming me as it feels like it has a big scope and requires a big expansion of consciousness to realize it. Recently many weird things happening suddenly out of nowhere and such, that never happened before. did anyone go through such experience, if yes, can you please explain more this sense to me? and how did you cope with it? Thanks.
  7. Been reading about people who shift reality or jump dimension. and what you people think about it and its possibility? Some may jump into different reality than here with slight changes, some with big changes, some to past and others to totally different realm. I know it can be understood from a perspective of escapism and avoidance of what is to a different reality where the problem is not there.... but again they end up having to face it in the other reality maybe. but why not do it maybe for fun rather than fear ? and how does it fit in the energy, tao and all that puzzle of the universe ?
  8. Hi there, I had the realisation of having aphantasia about 2 years ago, ever since then my mind became fixated on curing myself and redeveloping the skill possesed by 99% of the population. Through my fixation i learned obsessively about everything i could relate to it: digestion, diet, nutrition, leaky gut, chakras, energy, reiki, ibogaine, ayahuasca, god In part i am very grateful to it, because only through the realisation of having aphantasia did i become spiritual, reiki level 2, meditation initiated and fundementally a happier human being through my reconnection with the devine. Every free moment that i have i like to read about ayurveda, yoga, hinduism, energies etc and super interested in alternative medicines considering that i have tried most of them and on my way to study them on my new life path of becoming a natural healer So happy for my new life path, but still there is the aphantasia hanging around almost like a curse. I have considered many causes including stuff like carmic debts and i am almost out of ideas... I am begging anyone that might have tools to help me understand and overcome the affliction known as aphantasia. Thank you in advance, Human
  9. The Dragon Revealed -

    Thank you for making this opportunity available for others to share their experience in the Chinese Internal arts. My name is Eric Wilson . . . I trained and taught Chinese Kung-fu, Tai-chi, and Qigong for more than 24 years. And while I did realize a great manifestation of "internal" power, I also experienced some very strong negative effects. I am sharing my story and these experiences at the links below, and it is my prayer that these will be of help to those who also have had questions about the spiritual source of Chi and "internal" power. Thank you, Eric Wilson and family
  10. Hello, As I have been practicing and working on attachments and identity. I have reached a state where i have dis-identified myself with my inner self, thoughts, past and such inner stories of me. but now i m stuck with deriving a sense of self and identity from other people, as how people perceive me. I used to be more of an introverted person, but now i m more of an extroverted person, as the need to have an identity is itching and needed from outside Because i need a kind of purpose or a reason to move and live life. I m not taking the choice to release the identity yet, because in process of doing that, i started being sad, and feeling purposeless. Less motivate to live and no passion to life. I have nothing to live for or something to exist for which makes me feel useless and why i exist? Any help or suggestion is appreciated.
  11. mandlebrot energy map

    Zooming out on a quadratic mandlebrot yeilds an interesting image. The red channel is the real value of the complex number. The green channel is the imaginary value of the complex number. the blue channel is the phase of the complex number. it seems to me that right portion of the above image is anthroporphic in a recursive style. Could this mandlebrot set be a map of a human's energy fields? I've heard somewhere that enlightened folk have ten energy centers, and there are three other dots above the crown, in the labeled image.
  12. Hello, i was wondering what came first, a belief or an experience. some people say that we experience first and according to what we experience we form a belief. and other people say, that the belief creates our reality and thus our experience. Some may argue as kids we experience and then we start building beliefs according to what we feel. but other do argue that we come to the world with beliefs, that can be considered Karma inherited from our past life. What do you think, what came first? Can we experience something that we have opposite belief of ? What are the determinants of our reality ? what determines what we experience or situations that arises in our reality?
  13. Hey, i was wondering if other people went through similar experience especially those who practice vipassana, scan the body and such. Sometimes i feel a deeply annoying sensation on 3rd eye, heart and stomach, that arises and feels like deep thing, not pain but makes feel like wanting to hit that part of the body or thought of trying to push something in just feel to exist or whatever. And sometimes almost makes me go crazy when it happens at different parts simultaneously. Any idea what is that related, energy or what ? Thanks
  14. what is your opinion regarding releasing attachments to what makes you happy and/or from which you derive an identity, a purpose from. Ending up purposeless and not having a reason to exist... no identity to preserve and no thing or person to get happiness from. Then the question is, why to exist in such reality if you have nothing to get happiness from or a reason/purpose to live for? on the other side of the equation are pains that we resist and we are averse to. how are you going to handle living with them if you have even have no purpose or something to live for. Ending up with pains and nothing to live for.
  15. Rock Sphere in lower dantian

    Hey everyone hope all is well. I hope I'm posting this in the right thread but I was have came across a few different sources of information about practitioners that develop this rock like sphere of energy in their lower dantian after years of practice. From my knowledge this is when the actual yin and yang of the bodies energies connect and you are then able to cultivate this energy in a sphere that you can manipulate. It stays in the stomach region but can be moved up and down and side to side. Would anyone happen to have any information or maybe has experienced anything like this? That is was I think is our battery pack, we just have to learn how to connect every wire to that battery for it become the whole sphere and rock hard.
  16. Geographic Location

    I see many discussions hinting at location making people weaker or stronger physically, concerning how power flows, for spiritual activity, where non-human entities live, etc. Question: Aside from physical health, how do you know which areas are draining vs. uplifiting your energy? Location on the planet? I read and see that many "masters" claim the mountains are better than the ocean, or water in general. Describe what a perfect setting would be and why?
  17. I was reading someplace that during a levitation practice, the height was reduced due to the carpet having fibers that insulate from the source of energy used for the levitation. I have heard that certain substances increase and decrease the flow of energy, chi and other things. is there a list of these?
  18. Real Feng Shui? Water dowsers recognize that sheep, like most mammals (except cats) instinctively know how to avoid geopathic zones. So why are cats different? Types of Geopathic Stress The basic three types of naturally occurring Geopathic Stress are underground watercourses, earth grid systems and geologic anomalies or earth fractures. Underground water courses (or water veins) emit an energy that is draining our body's bioenergetic field and can be harmful if a person is spending long periods of time above those areas. It makes no difference how deep the water is down in the earth or how many floors a person lives above ground. Even on the 20th floor of an apartment building the effect can be clearly felt, sometimes even stronger due to the enhancement of iron in reinforced concrete in the ceilings. Earth grid systems consist of straight lines or paths of Geopathic energy. In fact they are more like energetic walls, go deep into the earth, but also reach miles above the surface. They are referred to as "cubic" because they are three-dimensional. Geologic fractures are naturally occurring earth faultlines, but can also be caused by blasting or quarrying. Vortexes, an irregular type of geologic energy, are considered in this category, too.
  19. "At this point, you can't yet comprehend the import of all this, not only because you don't have sufficient energy but because you're not intending anything. If you were, your energy body would comprehend immediately that the only way to intend is by focusing your intent on whatever you want to intend. This time I focused it for you on reaching your energy body." "Is the goal of dreaming to intend the energy body?" I asked, suddenly empowered by some strange reasoning. "One can certainly put it that way," he said. "In this particular instance, since we're talking about the first gate of dreaming, the goal of dreaming is to intend that your energy body becomes aware that you are falling asleep. Don't try to force yourself to be aware of falling asleep. Let your energy body do it. To intend is to wish without wishing, to do without doing. "Accept the challenge of intending," he went on. "Put your silent determination, without a single thought, into convincing yourself that you have reached your energy body and that you are a dreamer. Doing this will automatically put you in the position to be aware that you are falling asleep." "How can I convince myself that I am a dreamer when I am not?" "When you hear that you have to convince yourself, you automatically become more rational. How can you convince yourself you are a dreamer when you know you are not? Intending is both: the act of convincing yourself you are indeed a dreamer, although you have never dreamt before, and the act of being convinced." "Do you mean I have to tell myself I am a dreamer and try my best to believe it? Is that it?" "No, it isn't. Intending is much simpler and, at the same time, infinitely more complex than that. It requires imagination, discipline, and purpose. In this case, to intend means that you get an unquestionable bodily knowledge that you are a dreamer. You feel you are a dreamer with all the cells of your body." The Art Of Dreaming.pdf Pages 15-16
  20. Harvesting Energy

    Hello All, I am interested in sharing a few quick methods for harvesting some extra energy when you need it. Please feel free to add your own! Here's a starter: Rolling on the ground. Simply stretch out your arms and legs and roll yourself parallel to the ground, outside, open ground, mountain is best, better than water or sea. There are also laying down Tai Chi practices of course. Scientific testing proved that just Qigong breathing alone increases and changes things. I have the link someplace... Breathing is primarily involuntary and generated for metabolic and homeostatic purposes in the brainstem. However, changes in breathing can be voluntary or altered by various environmental stimuli. Therefore, breathing is categorized as either metabolic or behavioral. Breathing that changes during various emotions is a subcategory of behavioral breathing due to the strong connection it has with emotion and behavior. The limbic system, located in the medio-temporal lobe of the brain, is the center that governs emotion.
  21. Hello all, Some of you may have seen some of the energy descriptions in many different forms, in other cultures, and as described by people who are under the influence. I am a fan of the energy sphere, with the fibers of energy inside matching up with fibers outside, the ball or spot, glow of awareness factor. Probably most akin to the Carlos Castaneda descriptions. I could go into very minute detail on that if anyone is not familiar with it. I see in Irish folklore and most of Christianity, there is the halo glow that becomes visible to even those who don't "see" energy plainly. I see Kirlian photography has captured an essence around things that extends beyond the physical form and actually remains intact even if you sever a portion of the physical, for quite some time, fading if you will. I see that in the energy sphere version, there are tentacles of energy emanating from the belly, like an apron, from the hands, and from the eyes. There are roots emanating from the feet. In this energy sphere version, it is like an onion, with layers, and that fibers of energy match from the inside of this sphere to the outside and connect. This connecting giving awareness of that energy, and supplying the perception and interaction with this world. Beyond these basic connections, and by increasing power, people become capable of connecting to more fibers, and thus connecting with more items that previously did not exist, and were not available in this time and space. Complete bundles of these fibers create complete and different worlds, with different laws (physics and string theory if you will). Energy centers, chakras, from my understanding, are simply movement of the point of awareness to "grab" and "bundle" another possible "group" of related energy fibers that exist externally, and internally, thus equalizing the pressure between the two and giving a mode for perception of. Please add your own energy body versions, how they compare, match or don't match... Thank you
  22. I practice retention even though I have sex regularly with my girlfriend, but I was just looking for some thoughts on what you think a reasonable frequency to release might be for a guy who is 23 going on 24. I know that the production of the male essence decreases with age so it's important to watch it, also it's winter here and as is advised i pretty much avoid it entirely lol. Not sure if I'm at the age yet I have to start worrying about loss of virility though. My reasoning is that I have become acutely aware of the energy difference before and after ejaculation, the mood difference, how long it can take to recharge via rest and nutrition, and also my partner and I have better intimacy the longer I retain. At the same time, sometimes you gotta let it go lol, and even though I practice circulation exercises I've found the jing and yang energy can stagnate somehow and it becomes uncomfortable. Just looking for some advice. Thanks
  23. The Bonghan System

    In the early 1960's Bong Han Kim discovered a biological system that lined up exactly with the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body. Shortly afterwards Kim and much of his published research disappeared Prior to that, his research indicated, this system had energy carrying capacities, far beyond any other of the human circulatory systems. The next 50 years saw an active suppression of this research. But, the Bonghan system is now being resurrected as the "Primo Vascular System" by some pretty big names in biology, chemistry and cancer research. It seems that this new research is corroborating much of Bong Han Kim's earlier research. I am interested in how many Dao Bums know of this and what their understanding is of its' spiritual/meditative/health value?
  24. Hello and my first qestion

    hi im new in eastern teaching. began with mantak chia doing his exercise to criculate enery directly to my head and transmuitation i already feel more intellligent like a genius like napoleon hill said im his book about think and grow rich with sexual tramsntation so i wathc naruto and there is a character called rock lee and he can open his 8 gates to achieve the lotus and gain speed resisance and more for a period of time im wondering if there arer some practixes or exercices to make myself able to make do it by myself to incfrease my strehngt and speed and semen treretion sory for my bad grammmar my kekbard is a lite bad nowadays and im witjout money amd a little conf used recently emaybe too much energy am also recovering form pornm adcicdtion thansx
  25. The Japanese books written by Tadashi Kanzawa have been translated into English. Kanzawa was featured on the History Channel as a "Stan Lee's Superhuman" for his abilities to put various animals to sleep using "ki". The books were mostly translated by a Neurology/Physiology graduate Nimish Pratha and are currently being sent to people for free for a promotion. The Promotion has Ended Books are now available here: The books are mostly centered around healing. His abilities to put animals to sleep seem to be connected with healing the animals through Kiryo or "nerve transmission exchange" and causing them to relax and feel un-threatened.