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Found 2 results

  1. Do we as Americans share enough common ground to remain united? Is the level of polarization nearing its tipping point? It is with great reservation that I start this thread. The purpose of this thread is to find ways to avoid going down a road that leads to nothing good. Is it possible to restore an American Dream that works for all of us? Is it possible that we're about to enter the most nightmarish darkest episode of the American experience? I advise staff not to lock and hide this thread. Doing that is forfeiting the opportunity to have dialogue that may be meaningful and fruitful towards the well being of our Country. The OP is not looking for tit for tat exchange that leads to the escalation of tensions. The subject is gaining chatter across the channels. I've just read articles from the Chicago Tribune, The New Yorker, the Los Angeles Times, and other well known respected news sites, not Alex Jones or fringe sites. The rest of the world is already talking about this for 2+ years. I think we as a Spiritual and Philosophic Community must attempt to discuss this dangerous situation. Most of what I've read operates with the premise of "it's not if, but when" and "inevitable," my hope is that is not the case. I don't think having our heads buried in the sand about this is a help to anyone. A reminder that any comments that could be viewed as inciting violence is strictly forbidden and staff will err on the side of caution to enforce this. My challenge to my fellow bums is that we find light in a darkening environment. And the light we find may light the way for others. It is not my wish to make things more difficult for the staff. My hope is we find something useful that is mutually beneficial. If things begin to go down, how could we live with ourselves, if we didn't attempt mindful discussion, if not to thwart darkness, at least to touch upon ideas for our own safety? With that, the discussion is open. alternative title for thread: How Bums Prevented an American Civil War
  2. Some might think this is discrimination, what do you think?