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  1. Best Translation Of The Six Yoga's Of Naropa

    My name is Steve Smith, I do not know Steve Gray well almost not at all. I do have one memory of him demonstrating his Chi Gung form at a demonstration at Andy Dales. Fook was there and knew him. I asked about the form and why it was different he said everyone learned differently. I trained with Mr. Yueng for years privately and with Sensei Harris for years privately and in group classes. I have traveled many times and had hundreds of hours of conversation with my friend Jesse Glover, Ed Hart. I traveled with Sonny several times to Europe and trained with him in his home and here in Washington State. I was given permission to teach by each of these people their methods. I am not a leading authority on the method of Sonny Umpad for that I would refer you to his home students they are compiling hundreds of hours of his videos and his notes etc into a cohesive package. I am excited to see the results. I am blown away by the tone of this thread, none of the people that I have listed above would sign on for being represented in this way. Steve Gray did study with Master Yueng over a period of years I have no Idea how much he was taught many things he says here I recognize but I do not recognize the tone or the argumentative nature of it. When Mr. Yueng met other teachers most times he ended up holding hands and talking with them as to a long lost friend. He is a skilled person in Hei Gung (sp?), Gung Fu but never, Never, NEVER put himself over anyone or said he was more skilled etc. He is private rarely referring to Bruce Lee etc. He was a friend of Bruce's Father and took care of Bruce when he came to the states. Bruce though of him as an Uncle Figure and learned many things from him from 1959 to the mid 60's but always presented Yip Man as his primary teacher. Jesse and I took Fook to the Bruce Lee convention in Seattle, and I held his hand as he morned the loss of his friend. Fook said that discussing chi kung on the internet is a waste of time. I can see that if not careful we can deteriorate into a push and pull instead of a sharing of an art that Fook said was for healing. I asked him which method was the best energy method and gung fu method his reply was "All Same Nothing". Goes to the same place. Cheers and good practice. I will vouch for Steve Gray to say he trained with Fook and I encourage him to remember it is "all for healing". Fook Yueng told me to lift others up so they can see farther from being around us than they could have on their own.
  2. Introducing my self Steve Smith

    Hello my name is Steve Smith, I am new to forums and not much of a writer. I am a student of David Harris, Fook Yueng, Jesse Glover, and others. I am a continual student. I am looking forward to learning from all of you here.