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  1. Taoism and Race

    Both race AND environment contribute to the influencing of the individual's psyche. For eg, the Japanese has an extremely high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. The Chinese have this filthy habit of spitting on the streets. Now if a Chinese person walk on the streets in Japan and he spits on the street, a thousand and one pairs of Japanese eyes will look at him and chastise him silently for performing such a filthy act. The Chinese, being the uneducated bumpkin that he is, will think that there is nothing wrong with spitting on the streets. But the peer pressure from the Japanese will slowly change the Chinese and evolve the Chinese into a somewhat cleaner person. I will be frank with you. There are too many Overseas Chinese who are disgusted with the Mainlander Chinese themselves. Even within China, there is a schism between the rural Chinese and the urbanized, more educated Chinese.
  2. Taoism and Race

    Let me shed a few more hard-earned revelations on race and enlightenment. When I was in China, I hung out with a number of Westerners working in China. Now I know that I have made quite a few rants against the Chinese. But from my observations, it seems to me that the longer a Westerner has lived and worked in China, the greater the tendency for that particular Westerner to adopt and integrate the Chinese traits of lying, stealing and cheating into himself. Now all of you are familiar with energetic practices. All of you should understand that if you live in a filthy environment with filthy people, you will begin to act and think more like those filthy people. The energetic thought-forms of filthy people will penetrate into your being so that you will begin to think more like them. This is why all the yogis, ascetics and sages run away into the mountains to cultivate away from the masses. Because these yogis, ascetics and sages do not want filthy thought-forms from the unenlightened mundane masses to pollute and corrupt their own psyche which will in turn retard their own spiritual cultivation. Imagine for instance, you are trying to cut off sexual desires and yet you mix around with thousands and millions of people who have sexual desires. The thought-form energies of sexual desires from these thousands and millions of people living in the cities will undoubtedly influence and pollute your thought-forms making it that much harder for you to cut off your sexual desires. Now I do know a few Chinese living overseas in first world countries. (NOT the US, HK, Singapore and Taiwan) These Chinese living overseas in Europe for eg tend to adopt the more gentile civilized manners and philosophies which the Europeans possess. As I said before, your environment and the people around you have a huge influence on how you think. Live in a filthy environment with filthy people and you will become one of the filthy people. Live in a pure environment with people of pure hearts and your heart will become just as pure as the pure ones.
  3. Taoism and Race

    The Vatican with-held much spiritual information regarding enlightenment and reincarnation by taking such information out of the bible. The deaths of 60 million Chinese is a drop of water in an ocean. What did the other 1 billion plus Chinese do? Sit in their house and drink tea all day long? I am Chinese myself.. I grew up with Chinese parents, Chinese siblings and a Chinese extended family so I know exactly how the Chinese are like.. They have no qualms about co-operating with outsiders to betray their own blood all in the name of money and profit.. How many Chinese officials have accepted bribes from American factories in China? Countless Chinese officials. In fact, it is the nature of business to grease the palms of Chinese officials in order to get things done. This is why there is so much pollution and suffering in China. The Chinese officials take bribes from the rich so that they will pretend to see nothing when the rich take advantage of the poor and lower classes. Why do you think there is such a lack of human rights and decency in China? The Chinese people have simply degraded into a bunch of animals who see nothing wrong with lying, cheating and stealing from each other. There is simply no honor, no sense of justice, no conscience, no morality in the Chinese people anymore. Every single Chinese person is simply looking out for himself/herself and if other people get screwed, so be it. In fact, this lack of morality, conscience, honor even applies to Chinese peeps living overseas. HK, Taiwan, Singapore ain't that much different. Ironically, HK, Taiwan and Singapore have adopted American Values as well. Democracy, Freedoms and all that crap. This is why I say Japan with its values of honor and purity will take the charge in leading the East to overthrow the existing Western order of sin and corruption. There is simply no other way the world can change for the better. My own Chinese family members have betrayed me on numerous occasions especially over the last 3 years .. so don't tell me the Chinese are not greedy selfish cowards.. cos I have personal experience of how cowardly, how selfish and how greedy the Chinese can be..
  4. Taoism and Race

    I hate to say this brother but Chinese Americans have the worst of both worlds. Nothing against you personally cos I don't know you. I am not sure if you have China, HK or Taiwanese ancestry but I group all three countries under the same category "China". What I really wanna say is this. The Koreans and especially the Japanese are more "Chinese" than the modern mainland Chinese themselves. Do you know that during the last few decades, more than a few Chinese monks have to cross the strait to visit Japanese Buddhist temples and obtain authentic copies of Buddhist Teachings from Japanese Monks because the Chinese Government has destroyed too many spiritual teachings? And yet, you have the mainlander Chinese harping on about how the Japanese are barbarians for raping and killing their own women more than 60 years ago. To make things even more hypocritical, the same mainlander Chinese actually keep their mouths shut when it comes down to atrocities committed against the Tibetan Monks and the Tibetan Culture. The Chinese are just too brainwashed and have been rendered incapable to think for themselves.
  5. Taoism and Race

    For the entire world to become a world of Buddhas and Enlightened Sages where every person in this world, regardless of race, age or culture is transformed into Buddhas, both the US and China must be destroyed and obliterated. The US must be destroyed because it has corrupted and polluted the philosophies of this world through CIA-controlled Hollywood and CIA-controlled government puppets in third world countries who are supporting the economic operations of American MNCs and the Industrial Revolution. Hollywood has produced countless movies and dramas with the message that the only way to achieve real happiness is to become an economic slave of the system. They are trying to brainwash everyone in this world that it is their sacred duty to get a job, get married and raise children and the only way to achieve real happiness is to have your own nuclear family which is complete bollocks. How are you going to get real happiness by working your ass off and raising your children to be the next generation of economic slaves? This is why American Culture and Philosophies must be wiped off the face of this planet permanently. The US is the Root Demon of the world and the whole world, the whole of Humanity can never be set free and liberated if the US and American Culture don't disappear forever permanently. China must be destroyed because it is trying to become the next USA. China and Chinese are just as greedy and selfish as the Americans and they only believe in eating, fornicating, making money and starting nuclear families of economic slaves. In fact, China and the Chinese would corrupt the whole world in an even worse manner than the Americans. Just take a talk among the major cities in China and you could swear that there is no difference between Chinese cities and American cities bar the pollution and cleanliness. China has become a perverse copy of the US and the teachings of Chinese Enlightenment and Spirituality has been replaced by the religion of Money, Food and Sex. This is why the China and the Chinese must undergo so much pain and suffering that they will return to God and find Enlightenment deep inside themselves. The East will rule the world and the West will lose its relevance but the East will rule the world without economic, technological or military dominance. Instead, the Eastern Spiritual Teachings of Enlightenment will spread throughout the world in such a prevalent manner than the goal of chasing after God and Inner Enlightenment will take precedence over the goal of chasing after the base material pleasures of food, sex and money. China will never be a leader in the East or in the World of course because China and the Chinese have been proven to be totally corrupt inside. At best, the Chinese can be loyal followers but the Chinese do not have the courage or balls to become True Leaders for to become a True Leader is to become a Rebel against the Current System of Corruption and Sin. The Chinese do not have the bollocks to become Rebels and this is why they will never become the leaders of this world. This is how the World will Die and be Resurrected for it is only through Death of the Two major Demons in this world - the US and China - then can the rest of the World Liberate itself and begin to Seek Enlightenment. Of course the ETs might show up anytime and change the plans.
  6. Taoism and Race

    Good Posts
  7. Taoism and Race

    I wish I can like your post a Million Times.
  8. Taoism and Race

    If the Westerners even ignore one of the few True Churches of Enlightenment in the West, the International Community of Christ, where the Teachers are just as Westernized as the Westerners themselves, do you think the Asian Teachers are gonna open their arms to such idiots? I can tell you right now.. Most enlightened Asian Teachers have rejected far more Asian Student Wannabes than Western Student Wannabes.. don't you "Westerners" go around thinking you are special and if an Asian Teacher rejects you, it must be because of your skin color.. it is not.. So it has never been a question of racism. It is only a matter of letting go of your own misguided and ignorant ego and surrender yourself to the True Teachings of Enlightenment, the True Teachings of God.
  9. Taoism and Race

    The Vatican has destroyed many major schools of enlightenment in the West over the centuries. The Essenses, The Knight Templars, The Greeks, Even some of the Orthodox Churches which have secretly hidden the True Teachings of Jesus Christ have been destroyed by the Vatican. Why do you think there is this current fiasco during the last few years in the Greece, Turkey, Cyprus region? Think about it.
  10. Taoism and Race

    Enlightenment is bloody Universal. It is not just an Earthly concept., There are plenty of Western sages who have been enlightened as well. Socrates and Plato of the Greek tradition are just as enlightened as Lao Tzu, the Knight Templars are enlightened beings as well. Even some western christian churches around the world teach the real teachings of enlightenment. For eg the International Community of Christ is an independent christian tradition that teach the real teachings of enlightenment (the same as what Jesus taught when he was alive and not the Vatican crap handed down by the Vatican devil worshipers) around the world and they have an especially strong presence in the West. Their HQ is in the US for that matter. So why is the International Community of Christ just a minor faction in the West and yet the Vatican, the Church of Rome which has conquered and burned down the teachings of enlightenment in Ancient Greece, killed off Jesus and the Enlightened School which he belongs to the Essenes, killed off the Knight Templars as well because they are seeking to spread the teachings of enlightenment through being a spiritually pure warrior of God.. Why are the Vatican Devil Worshippers the major christian/catholic faction in the West and yet the International Community of Christ, which teaches the True Teachings of Jesus and Enlightenment, remains just a minor faction? This is because most "Westerners" are not ready for the True Teachings of Enlightenment and the True Teachings of God! Most "Westerners" prefer to follow the Dark and Fake Teachings of the Fake Bible written by the Vatican and yet ignore the True Teachings of Jesus being propagated by one of the few True Churches of Enlightenment in the West,, the International Community of Christ!
  11. Taoism and Race

    Sir, you are right. The Tao is Universal and doesn't care about race. There are even ET races from other civilizations, other planets and even other dimensions who have achieved Enlightenment. In fact, Enlightenment is the standard in other higher civilizations. If you are not Enlightened, then you are not considered to be a responsible adult and will be denied certain rights and privileges and be treated like a child. So the OP is wrong in starting this thread for he has failed to look beyond the petty issues of skin color to the real truth that is this Universe. The real Enlightened Asian Teacher has plenty of contact with Higher Advanced ET races and gods so if he can put down his ego to get into contact with beings from other planets, other civilizations and other dimensions, do you think that he will have any issues with dealing with enlightened people from other human races if they are indeed qualified to do so? This is the major reason why the ETs are still not showing their faces yet. Because most Westerners and most people on this planet as well, are too proud to realize that their entire life is a fraud, that their government, their universities, their schools, their parents, spouses, friends, neighbors, church clergy, etc have been teaching them the wrong thing. The egos of most Westerners are too strong to accept the fact that they have been fed the wrong information right from day 1 and if the ETs and other Gods show up, the Westerners will just shoot at them with their guns. At least the Asians will be humble enough to prostate themselves before the ETs and other Gods. The Westerners especially the Americans will just shoot at ETs and Gods with their guns and this will result in major Armageddon for the planet.
  12. We live in a world of multiple dimensions where several races more powerful than us are fighting for control of humanity and here we have people worrying about screwing around in extra-martial affairs. Talk about having a sense of perspective.
  13. Taoism and Race

    They say that it is your karma to be born as a member of a certain race. The teachings of enlightenment have been hidden from non-asians for so long that non-asians find it difficult to accept that everything that non-asians have been taught by schools, parents, governments, universities ever since they were born run contrary to enlightenment. Everything in the western society being propagated by the media, government, educational system, family, friends, spouses, neighbours run contrary to the true teachings of enlightenment. Hell, as the whole world has been westernized, everything in the whole world nowadays being propagated by the media, government, educational system, family, friends, spouses, neighbours run contrary to the true teachings of enlightenment. This is something which most westerners do not accept and can you fault asian teachers for rejecting westerner students because westerners refuse to let go of all their misguided concepts? A great example of westerners rejecting the true teachings of enlightenment is how modern western society reject the concept of breatharianism. Too many breatharians have been deemed as outcasts because their lifestyles run contrary to the ways of modern western society yet all the great masters of enlightenment are breatharians. So how can any westerner claim that Asian teachers are racist when it is the westerners who are racist towards Asian teachers for criticizing their wrong views? It is like forcing the Asian teachers to change their way of thinking to suit the modern western mindset instead of the western student changing his mindset to become a being as evolved as the Asian teacher and that is just plain wrong.
  14. Is there true equality between man and women? Is there true equality between one man and another man for that matter? Or between one woman and another woman?