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  1. My Naturopath/LaC employer is mostly retiring soon and will likely be selling some of his books and supplies related to oriental medicine. His wife also has a large amount of TCM materials in Chinese and so basically at this time, I am putting together a list if there are some people who might be interested in making offers on any of the materials.


    Hopefully this drive link will work:


    Also other related materials including a vintage ultrasound, ear candling stuff really old Bach Flower essence kits that are unopened and according to the people that make them, they don't lose their efficacy when passed the expiration date.

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  2. I've decided to sell my coin collection. I just don't do much with it. Mainly I have Indian head cents, some large cents, a few Flying Eagles and about 200 PCGS slabbed coins (modern varieties) of PR 69 DCAM or higher quality, including some SP 70s. I am selling at wholesale prices, usually less than half of what PCGS says they are worth. Let me know if interested.

  3. I disagree. If I am born blind, with no areas of the brain that involve sight, I can still be aware. What about temperature sensation, sound, and other sense modalities that don't involve light at all? Awareness is something else other than energy - also it does not have to involve photons at all. It can involve the movement of small hairs that turn into an electrical signal. The awareness isn't even of the hairs movement at all - its of the signal that get transduced.

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  4. could also be to a ramped up fight or flight system, adrenals, etc. Besides things already mentioned, you can practice various meditations until you fall asleep, take some melatonin, valerian, or look at what you are taking during the day drug-wise, including caffeine, as possible catalysts for insomnia. Supposedly honey at night helps sleep too.

  5. Thought stopping is useful but overrated. Why take a stance which originates from aversion? One branch of techniques neither tries to stop thoughts, or contributes to adding thoughts, it simply witnesses the flow in a non-attached manner; another way is to choose a specific object of focus and keep returning the mind to it. Thought stopping could be useful at times, but I think it also involves attachment to the thoughts, one way or another, so wouldn't be considered an advanced practice. 

  6. A person should be able to change likes/dislikes to a good degree. People learn to like pain, embarrassment, cold, heat, electric shocks -basically any kind of stimulus. People also reverse likes to make them at least neutral, such as people with addictions. They pair the addictive behavior with a negative stimulus. I think its mutable.

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  7. On 1/24/2018 at 11:07 AM, Amos said:

    Hello Songtsan,


    So do you think the benefits of semen retention outweigh the cons?

    How long did it take you to develope abacterial prostatitis? You say you were going 40 days of retention; how many times did you do this? and Looking back what advice would you have given yourself?---Like ejaculate once a week---or do this kind of exercise.


    A lot of questions I know, last thing i want is a prostate injury... Anyhow, I appreciate the help.




    I still think that it has benefits, but they aren't well researched, and there is a lot of misinformation out there.


    I probably developed prostatitis when I was around 22 yrs old, so it was fairly soon in terms of starting to practice sublimation. Correlation does not equal causation, but I feel that if energy or fluids become stagnant then negative effects may occur. I was practicing MCO at the time but as a beginner. I wasn't doing self-prostate massage at the time. I think that it is important do so.  I went several times at 40+ days at a time and various smaller lengths of time. My main advice to myself would be to learn to relax the muscles in and around the perineum, even learning to isolate the specific muscles, and to practice self-prostate massage at least 3x/week.

  8. Another good writer is Brandon Sanderson, who wrote the last book or so of the Wheel of Time series. He has a few good series, such as the Stormlight Archives...I also like Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series...

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  9. I think that my idea will be very useful several billion years from now when the sun expands into a red giant or something....some would say build spaceships and leave the Earth, but I say make the Earth a controllable ship that can be moved to ideal orbits to extend its liveability

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  10. I love sky gazing as much as anyone, but it can be a little boring at times.  I say move the earth somewhere a little more interesting.  A place with Saturns and Jupiters over head, 100 times bigger then the moon creating solar eclipses that last for hours. 


    You wouldn't want to live in earthquake prone areas or within 1,000 miles of any large bodies of water, but it'd be damned interesting. 


    a fellow creative thinker!

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  11. Nuclear engines are slow. I'd suggest to you building a warp drive or guiding Earth through an artificial wormhole.


    But I can't help wondering, where would you like this planet to go to where it isn't already by itself?


    i thought it'd be nice to fly it into a more warmer and stable orbit around the sun, but i just had this thought because its COLD out there....not much of a winter person lols

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