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  1. Lao-tzu Ch 2: 有 & 無

    I would read this entire thread but, haven't the energy. Why does it have to be so complex. Tao is intangible yet, it can be experienced and "its" effects obserserved. All of these opposites (good & bad, beautiful & ugly, etc.) are there because we choose to see them in such ways. They are not truths but, perseptions which can also be experienced and the effects of those choices observed. They, being non-truth, thoughts, are also intangable. Truth is found by seeing through our perseptions to some virtue, some faith, that all has equal merit. Afterall, my misfortune today may be my blessing tomarrow, etc.
  2. 30 minute 30 day mentorships

    Thank you too
  3. Food

    If you ever want topic ideas/inspiration, let me know. I'd love to see this blog be born. You could just tell stories of it, food stories, and not worry about anything else. You could start with your first experience.
  4. Food

    I love the passion you have talking about this. It's an immense enjoyment to read. Have you ever thought to blog? Food blogs are big and you can make a nice chunk of change doing it too! As for recipes, I'm a decent enough cook. Rough proportions suit me fine, as I usually tweak everything anyway. The only thing measurements are really needed in is baking, though I rarely do that anymore. I don't use grains, seeds, and nuts unless fermented or sprouted but, some wild seeds and grasses are in various sprouted states so those are fine just cooked. I'm adaptable I just love to learn new things, new approache's. Share what your passions are.
  5. Food

    Have a cook off. I was hoping people would share thier recipes on this thread
  6. Food

    That would be cool, sounds very intreging. I'll have to expand my research in the areas you've mentioned You've definitely peeked my interest. TY very much.
  7. hi

    Hmm, well, its a mix of genetic mutation from dioxin toxicity, chaotic & frightening events as a babe, and a particularly nasty form of conditioning gender roles. Agent Orange + Lunatic Vet Father + parents that sexualize women to the extreme. I ended up with chemical sensitivities, disrupted nervous system from dioxin dioxin toxicity, expressive language disorder, attention deficit disorder,cocognitive disorder, and intimacy issues. That the extreme short of it all but the Agent Orange exposure caused a permanent disruption. I had two sisters. One died at six months and the other was born with Hydrocephalus. Both had disfigured hearts. Two of my daughters and my living sister have scoliosis. All of my kids have ADD and language disorders, as well as chemical sensitivities. Its just a mess to deal with and the gov. still will not recognize what they've caused.
  8. Food

    I've invested years. Okay, how about what you were saying in the post above.. what are the best foods and preparations for optimizing chi (any culture). I would choose wild foods, from sea, woodlands and rivers. What about you?
  9. hi

    Songtsan, that was incredibly helpful in itself and I do those things, though usually to avoid myself. I will pm you. I don't mind everyone knowing but, I'm just unsure my garbage will be useful to others. ... but, I tell anyone if they ask
  10. hi

    Thank you
  11. Tao and the Tao Te Ching

    Yeah, exactly I was trying to say that. You said it more clearly
  12. does smoking increase or decrease chi flow

    No pipes for me. I'm either doin American Spirits or quitting altogether, the latter being preferred.
  13. Food

    Would you mind putting up recipes and ingredient properties? I'd love to expand my knowledge.
  14. Food

    I have to agree, I feel more energized with the spicy spices of india. The only time I cook a meal anymore is making authentic indian foods withthe mindset they put into it, which is unbridled love and care for all that eat of it. The only thing I don't like is thier version os goat stew (too many bones).