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  1. The guy in the I image is the Maha Ananda Siddhar. He baths once a year. The ash serves a greater purpose than hygene. I was making humor about the balance between fire, water and bathing.
  2. I've taken around 20,000 showers eash about 20 minutes, so my loss of time spent on an activity that does not lead to enlightenment is considerable. Showering is one part of a vicious cycle that hinders progress into the celestial realm. Just ask this dude..
  3. The Most Dangerous Game

    There was a topic about leaving babies to cry that starts all the brain washing. Maybe after that and presschool it's not brain washing, but brain programming. How many decades has the let the baby cry thing been going on? I think restructuring of human minds has been going on since Babylon. Must have taken a very long time to get the left and right side of human brain to stop communicating?
  4. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    At the breast cancer walks they have booth set up for free exams and booths next to those with plastic surgeons offering sharp discount. Prior to a walk there's a media drive to get a record number of people involved. Two women in my familly opted for enhancment, not because the doctor had told them they were at risk. I wonder the revenue generated from all the exams? If a prominent figure like Jolie goes that route and medial sets it into everyones subconscious 50 times how much easier will it be for all the walkers to follow in her foot steps? The title of the events are Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, not walk for a cure, just for.. Curious, does walking several miles prior to a breast exam affect internal pressure of lymph nodes or other glands? ::edit: so they actually walk either 27 or 4O miles. Seems excessive? I really wonder how a breast exam may be affected by strenuous exercise? ...40 miles is about 10-13 hour long walk.
  5. I want to interpret your work. Do you occasionally create in sets of three? Sinan is a spear or spear tip. Is your familly warrior caste?
  6. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    My grandmother had breast cancer and it got into her bones and spine. The last month she did not sleep and was crying in agony 24/7. Eventually she elected to receive a very high dose of morphene for five days she shook constantly in an unconscious state obviously still in immense pain though unable to communicate it. I tried to talk her childern into taking her off it the last three days because I knew she wanted to see our faces once more and to say good by, but they thought an unconscious passing was more humane. A lot of this comes from god(doctor) knows best. The AMA and all it's affiliates real programing is about constant invalidation of a god given right to know our own bodies. These organization sole intention is to end natural human inuitive ability about body. Not all doctor, just indoctrinated doctors that unfortuanatly far out number the intuitive, compassionate and un-a-Dult-e-rated. Wow, how many enemies did I just make?
  7. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    Makes me wonder ..if the first subtle belief happens prior to incarnation, then how many fixed and mostly unperceivable beliefs might there be? If we share a root belief of I-am, then how many other do we hold in common? How many transient beliefs may be directly connect to the fear and or belief 'i am not, or i might not be-death.
  8. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    yes, a belief that suports a fear of death, so said belief might be hidden behind a most intense fear and seldom discovered. If the fear of death prevented accurate perception of what death actually is (not an ending) then perhapse the belief that enables fear of death to seem reasonable is actually what prevents perception of other dimesion, or better still holds us in this single one. Yes like an initiation. The very first belief that arrives after faith and intention is I-Am. ''I am not' if taken as a belief that forms fear of death preempts I-Am that is a process of faith, intent and self peception ..., so perception of the most subtle place where the self singly exists that is the void between here or there cannot occur fully till a false I-am-not belief discontinues. The subtlty of that narrow place where so many angels dance on the head of a pins is comparable with the intensity of emotions experienced in dreams that exist in the very same place. Immense terrifying gravity, eternal peace, then it starts over again
  9. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    There's one being built in india to house 10,000 aspirants. There are places in europe and us, but they're kinda secretive.
  10. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    There was suposed to be a system in place in the west long time ago. You know like in tibet where the lamas or monks go out and find the reincarnated when they are first born of very young. Dharma came to the west a long time ago in the form of brave and bright souls most of whome achieve their part in supra consciouness and then find there is no where to go with it. The Dharma needs Sangah or community for people already on their path to be useful in. There are places being built at this time in several countriea, but the process seems too slow since we are already decades behinds. It's a Bodhisattva free-for-all.
  11. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    I should have asked if anyone on here believes that there may be beliefs that cannot be percieved? There are many invisible things in this world. If there there are several dimensions unseen and other dimension beings there in with minds of their own how do their thought, intentions and emotions change our own. Just saying, since death may be a crossing from this place to another 'invisible' place then maybe there are some super subtle and unknowable belief inbetween? If there were one how different would life be without it? More full, or less? More beer, or less?
  12. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    Maybe everyone, even a someone in the lime light place value on death. I mean we all have that in common, so what deeply hidden beliefs do humanity have in about death? The u.s. is kind of a eat drink and be merry nation always moving from one form of entertainment to another. Do people living in very dangerous place like jungles next to volcanos live-for-the-moment more than those in cities? There are always a lot of bars in big cities and the u.s. behind the gov. Facade is just plain lethal. Maybe fear of death or some very subtle belief about the thought of it keeps everyone from seeing what is on the other side it? Anyone want a beer? Maybe there is somthing being left out of the Jolie story here about examination showing conditions very close to cancer. No doubt the very best doctors in the world are available in that case.
  13. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    I know someone who had breast cancer. It took two years and 5 surgeries plus radiation, hair loss, forshortening of her life span, six figure medical bills and more. If Jolie's opperation was done before cancer was detected it might have saved from suffering. Often times with that surgery they remove parts of the lymph system. The areas of the body where glands are remove lose immuniity so that even bruising from slieght injuries can lead to amputation. It's an enormous decision to have any surgery. Having said that I know the medical establishment(big pharma) thrives on the publics suffering not on cures and does intentionally misinform/mislead millions every year into dangerous prescriptions and proceedures.
  14. A Jolie: Breasts + News

    I recall after the nuclear accident in Japan breast cancer and testicular cancer were driven upwards on the west coast of the u.s. Personally I know five women who have been diagnosed since then with breast cancer.