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    thank you for your answer and too bad there arent that much chi kung instructors in the netherlands so if you have a book or a video that could help me generate or learn how to generate chikung would be awesome! but if u can use it for healing other and yourself doesnt that mean you can also use it to increase your strenght or something like that ? and if it can heal doesnt that mean you could also destroy another man's body if used correctly ( like you put your chi in him so you can feel where his merdians are and you then strike with a ''chi strenghted'' finger to a merdian/pressure point that could be fatal)
  2. Hello

    Hi there , i was looking at a youtube video about a doctor in indonesia who could create''chi'' and ignite papers, and i was wondering is it real? I know that a lot of monks use it for hardening their body but isnt that just like getting hit a lot of times so your body gets thougher? And if it is real why dont more people know about it (use it for daily life stuff) Sorry for my insolence but im really interested in the chi, and if its real i would like to learn it just so i can know what it feels like It's my pleasure to meet you all Sincerly Giacamo