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  1. I know almost nothing because I am a honest and simple child laughing at all the children around me who are pretending to be adults who know everything. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  2. Should I ask do you like playing the same computer game everyday? I know a lot of English Teachers in Japan who spend everyday every second of their lives plotting to get their next screw with the next available J-chick. Well a lot of English Teachers in Asia do that... A lot of men do that actually.. this is why men waste so much time making money, building up our bodies etc.. The question is.. don't men ever get bored of the same game all the time, of screwing around or are they pretending not to be bored? Or maybe they get bored with screwing one woman, so this is why men are so quick to dump one woman for the next screw but don't all screws became the same screw in the end? P.S. But all screws do become the same screw in the end. It depends on your definition of the word "screw" in this context has more meanings than the number of twirls around the main rod. Ummm... oohggg,..,.. arrhghh.. where did all these inspiration come from? Help! I am possessed! Anyone got an $50 daoist exorcist charm I can buy?!!!
  3. If you eat the same food all the time or if you do the same thing everyday, don't you ever grow bored? Do you play the same computer game everyday?
  4. An idiotic child trying to grow and mature into an independent adult. A caterpillar trying to evolve into a butterfly. A spark trying to become a star.
  5. Yes Supernatural Powers have been used in the past before and still being used now to hurt, to destroy, to seduce, to hate for evil purposes but Supernatural Powers have also been used in the past before and are still being used now to heal, to create, to learn, to love. Does this mean we should throw out the focus and development of our inherent higher dimensional supernatural gifts and heritage and limit ourselves just because we have the potential to destroy ourselves when the same potential can also be used to better ourselves, to recreate ourselves into higher lifeforms with higher qualities of life? Do you ban the existence of fire just because fire can be used to burn down houses when at the same time fire is also used to cook our food and nourish us? Do you ban the existence of medicine just because chemistry and biology can and have been used to create biological warfare and poisons but at the same time medicine which have been used to save lives have been created from the very same branches of knowledge of chemistry and biology? Why don't you also ban the written word as well as the written word is what's conveying ideas of what's evil and good to man? For if you keep a man stupid enough, he won't think of any great ideas to destroy himself and those around him. But then the same stupid man will also not think of any great ideas to better himself and evolve himself into a higher state of existence. The same tools which can be used by man to destroy himself are also the very same tools which can be used by man to evolve himself. Such is the nature and risk of evolution. You can never forego such risks. Doesn't love carry both the risks and benefits of both pain and happiness at the same time? So those in charge, yeah I am talking about the immortals who rule this world, the real power behind the elite rich and the governments of this world, these immortals are the ones who's doing the great dis-service to humanity because they refuse to let humanity risk the dangers and pains of growing into a mature adult all on its own. Growing up always involve pain and mistakes for it is only through pain and mistakes then can we know what are the right paths to choose. Isn't that called maturation of a child into an adult?
  6. Using Supernatural Powers to Understand True Nature of Reality & Achieve Enlightenment The Dao that can be spoken of is not the Dao. This statement is very simple. It clearly means one can never use one's mundane senses - material sight, material smell, material hearing, material touch and material tongue to understand, talk about and discuss the Dao. For those of you who keep pasting quotes from buddhist sutras, daoist teachings, hindu gurus, etc.. just a word of advice.. you can throw all your buddhist, daoist, hindu, alien sutras teachings books whatever out of the window. In fact for those of you who keep quoting "my teacher say this and that" without having really been to your teacher's level to fully comprehend the full meaning of his words.. a word of advice too.. you can flush your teachers' words down the toilet bowl for how do you know your teacher isn't misguided or wrong? Also for those of you who keep claiming there's no supernatural powers or that buddha never talk about supernatural powers.. yet you all have the cheek to talk about emptiness, the void, the tao and the true nature of our multi-dimensional reality just by relying on your base material senses.. just another word of advice.. keep your bloody gap shut please? As long as you do not possess the supernatural powers and senses to sense and interact with the higher dimensions, with the gods, with the buddhas and devas, then you will never.. i repeat again.. then you will never experience and understand enlightenment and samadhi. Cos True Enlightenment and True Samadhi means transcending this base material existence and evolving into a Super Powered Multi-Dimensional God and this at the very least means you need to evolve and develop your super natural senses and power in order to sense and interact with the Dao. Otherwise you are just talking out of your arse when blindly posting quotes from sutras and books etc.. what I see 99% of the population here seem to be doing because they have never developed the supernatural powers and higher dimensional senses to be enlightened in the first place! So this is why they have to paste quotes and stuff from other sources because otherwise how are these "internet experts on enlightenment" gonna reveal their fantastic knowledge on what's true enlightenment? And please don't tell me buddha always talked about not being obsessed with supernatural power.. Buddha died bloody what more than 2000 years ago.. how do you the sutras have never been tampered with? Do you really think that Buddha and all other gurus write down all the instructions for enlightenment on paper? What's written down in the books and sutras are just the most basic instructions. The True Instructions for achieving Enlightenment can never be written down in books! For how can our limited human 3rd Dimensional senses fully understand and comprehend the magic of the Dao?! Do you think a blind man can hear and understand the beauty of the colors of the rainbow? Do you think a deaf man can hear and understand the beauty of Chopin's Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor? How do you ask a blind and deaf man to understand beauty, the Beauty of God and the Dao when he can't even see and hear it?
  7. What is the Dao?

    Can we talk about the Dao with our limited human senses?