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  1. Well as a TCM student, I'd go 1st saying for overall energy I'd recommend deep breathing. As of internal heat..OK thats fine but the question that comes to mind is what kind of internal heat? Theres various reasons why one would have it..so go to a professional further- its never one thing. So in that regard- don't view it as such- your not the same person as you were a year ago. Your not the same person as you were yesterday by Chinese medicine. Really..even 1 hr ago your a different person. So in that respect, the old information you have is useless. That said, yes..most ppl given the culture have leanings to heat excess syndromes- but without knowing why..its trying find a needle in a haystack. Consult a professional. On self work, watch your diet- exercise via qigong. Relax via whatever de-stresses ya- a walk in the park is nice.
  2. Daoist Magick

    Heh, Mao Shan appreciate it, but I've already looked into that site and the quote is understandable since I thought about it alot, it just comes to intention imo and knowing yourself. Personally if I could be intiated into a Zheng Yi sect I'd go for it but Canada has none.
  3. Daoist Magick

    I ran into his site quite abit, but the thing is I'm not sure if his books are "practical" as it were with the Initiation into Hermetics. The "magick" I'm looking into is working with spirits, gods, and the spiritual realms. I know its not always safe, I would take every proper precaution I can, its the last thing I want is to disrespect anything that could harm me. I'm looking at this as self-improvement more so than anything. I'm already doing tai-chi and some herbalism along training with a Shaolin master.
  4. Daoist Magick

    Hi all, I know this has been posted about before, I read the forums . But I was wondering if anyone had any info on this particular subject--> Be it Mao shan, Zheng Yi sect magickal traditions. I have looked into Western magickal systems but its not what I'm looking for, I have no clue why but it seems this is what I want to learn. Been searching for months. Although I'm Chinese I can't read any (lost that when I moved) so any English resources on how to do the practices or become self-initiated (if that even exists...) would be appreciated. I've searched generally around the area I live in and nothing, though there are teachers who do tai-chi and such, its not what I'm looking into. Best, Zac
  5. Hi

    Hi all, I was on my stumbling for info today and even though I've skimmed this forum before I thought I register.