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  1. MCO is in Lesson 4 (I would do the first 3 though). Good luck!
  2. Tai Chi 13 postures question?

    I have a question. In Zhen Man Qing 37 Taji, is the first set the 13 postures? thanks
  3. NEW

    Welcome to the site Barracuda, So Clyman's Nei Kung and no masturbation changed your life how? More energy?
  4. Here because of Gary Clyman

    Howdy Shawn, welcome to the site. I've trained with Gary as well and while you'll probably not experience a more huge ego in your life, the man does know his stuff- Jing. It is a little bit sad that he gives a crap about what a couple of internet 'critics' mention on the net. The weirdest thing about this guy is he gives out his stuff for free! Dorion posted it and on youtube Do it and figure it out for yourself if he's doing it wrong. And if he is, then make a video and show him up. Rich
  5. Spiritual Eye (Blue Pearl) in Taoist literature

    Interesting, here you go. Second Coming of Christ by Paramahansa Yogananda
  6. Huai-Chin, Nan, and 2 of his books...

    Jetsun. Thanks for directing us to your link on those books and thanks for introducing me to that site. I made an account and will explore it further. Sharing is caring. Rich
  7. Hi everyone

    New kid here just inspired from what I've read!