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  1. In 1982 physicist Alain Aspect and his research team did some kind of experiment and found out that electrons and some other subatomic particles can instantly communicate with other electrons regardless of the distance between them be it a mile or billions of miles away. This goes against the theory that nothing can ever travel faster than the speed of light. They also found out that each particle seems to know what each other particle is doing. Some theories to make sense of these findings are that the physical world is merely an illusion being casted out by the true reality. Like a hologram that is projected from a 2D reality to create a 3D illusion. Googling this would shed greater light on this. I'm just wondering if it furthers anybodies beliefs about the ultimate reality which one cannot see until he/she is enlightened and fulfills karmic duties. It is a bit ironic that ancient civilization said that this is the mere physical world alluding and they also said that there is beyond then I feel like many strayed from that view and now science might be revealing it again. What do you guys/gals think?
  2. Hey all

    Hey just saying hi to everybody here. I stumbled across this site and it looks fairly interesting as I interested in Buddhism some, but mainly the sexual practices. Since I am making a post if anybody wants to help out... I am having trouble locating or discerning energy in the "cool" form. It's cold in my house lol and I'm fairly certain my testes only feel the cold air instead of sexual energy. I haven't been successful in even locating it I don't believe and it is slightly frustrating cause I just inhale and inhale.