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  1. Hi everybody:)

    Heh, no problem:)
  2. Favorite movie?

    Oh dear, I've at least got a dozen... let's see... Moulin Rouge Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (with Marilyn Monroe) Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Rocks!! ) Salsa (ooh, latino movie... tehee ) Dirty Dancing (the original one) Flashdance Hair Shine Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (didn't like the other two much as am a purist concerning things Tolkienish) Pirates of the Carribean ALL the Ace Ventura Movies!! *giggle* Oh, and Breakfast at Tiffany's
  3. Zen Radio

    Wow, thanx a lot! I've listened to this thing all day...
  4. A very short & unusual version of the Inner Smile

    Hehe, can imaggine that... I'd feel rather silly...
  5. Favorite Movie Scene?

    LotR - where Gimli says "Toss me, toss me... but don't tell the elf..." rofl Also, Shine - a really powerful movie. I can relate, being a musician. I love all the scenes here, but there's this one where he almost wins this contest, but then is narrowly defeated by some other pianist... yeah. And, of course, Dirty Dancing (1) - the last dance. The final scene. Whatsoever, it's magical.
  6. This is probably a little late, but... apart from not allowing sound files, www.atspace.com is a great free host. Also, take a look at pages like www.thefreesite.com, they keep a great record on Webmaster's freebies. Images take up a lot of space though, so if you feel like having a big page, you should use an image host too. I am very much in love with my host, www.imageshack.com... they'll resize your images if they're too big, but usually, with web site graphics and things you'd put on a web site, that shouldn't be much of a problem.
  7. Hi everybody:)

  8. Hi everybody:)

  9. Hi everybody:)

    Hi, newbie here;) Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Niah, though all my friends call me Min (short for Minyaliel), which I also prefer to use. I'm german, but live here in the far north. Thought I'd just stick around, getting to know this site better, and also Taoism, which is a new belief to me. Hm. Anyway, gotta go to my next lesson (am at school). See ya:)