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  1. Taoist Monastery in America?

    Woah! Now do Europe
  2. Taoist Monastery in America?

    In the early nineties Grand Master Alaxander Anatole 'built' The Temple of Original Simplicity near Boston, Massachusetts. It's recognized as one of the few authentic Taoist temples outside China (both mainland and Taiwan).
  3. Daoist Magick

    Before you even think of doing Magic(k): The Heart and the mind must be as one, Purified from any sullied desires. Only the pure mind can touch the heavens Only the upright heart can assemble spirits. Nature obeys the upright and orthodox. On google I found: Haven't read or used anything from this site, so don't sue me, if you get 'lost'
  4. Mao Shan Pure Heart

    Thank you all for your reply, comments and laughter! This all makes me less @ Song Yongdao: You mentioned 'yuanfen' (destiny). Destiny also brought me here... I was told that I was looking for a mountain, not knowing I was standing on it... My Chinese is okay for talking about daily things, but sometimes my Sifu talks not even in riddles, but use very difficult Chinese. Especially when they talk about dynasties, mountains, sects or persons (who, to make it more confusing, have several alias'). Therefor, I do need you guys as my teacher to teach me to ask the right questions to find the right answers I seek, even when I don't know that I'm searching for know? @ Wudangspirit: "Although I don't know the practices of your sect, I'm from the Wudang Longmen Neidan Pai Sect, I can relate with the feeling like your alone on this one. Enjoy that feeling because you are alone on this one internally. Your path is your path and you have to walk it alone however we have this great forum to share experiences with so share..." We are both from the Tao Family and are guided by the same deities. So you can't imagine how happy I am to speak to somebody who is also guided and may have learned more than I have or sees things from another perspective. I guess your right: This is my Tao... @ Minkus: "Its good you dropped by here, the taobums is a very open and broadminded community. Still in general i have one hint: keep it for yourself (its your jewel you must cherish)... people dont and wont understand". I just loooooooove you for saying this... My question to you is how did you come in contact with the Maoshan sect ? Maybe I shouldn't put it down for everybody to see (as mentioned above). If you want I'll tell you though... @ De_Paradise: You made an serious topic open for discussion! Props. Eventhough I can call my Sifu anytime, I do think there are some great 'Sifus' right here at Tao Bums... @ Lin Ai Wei: I thought I was posesed or was losing my mind, since it was all so strange and new to me. I was not in touch with my Chinese roots and heritage untill 3 years ago. Tao was a big question mark to me since 4 months ago. My Sifu guided me from the start, but I had to return to home in Europe. New things happened here and since I was already on the path, before I started to learn about Tao, it got me all confused. Isn't confusion the big 'nono' of Tao? My Sifu reassured me everything was 'normal' and very happy to see me progress. Since it's so 'normal' I thought maybe there are more 'croissants' like me? That's all...
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