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  1. Hi, newbie here with a question ...

    Makes absolute sense, since i've switched two months ago to a TCM diet (cutting a lot of yin foods since it's winter). thanks spotless for your answes!
  2. Hi, newbie here with a question ...

    hello, thanks for your response spottles, is like all my body starts to vibrate and goes like i'm gonna explode but then it stops dunno how to explain it better
  3. hello, i've been tai ji quan for 1 hour a day for some time now (also i do half an hour of microcosmic orbit a day) and from time to time I experience something like an explosion of energy. It's not very hard, so i've freakead out only a little, and I usually experience at night in bed. Any idea what could be going on? thanks!
  4. greetings from spain

    hi, i'm 31 from spain. after 4 years of kung fu training i started tai ji quan and just fell in love. just starting to explore the daoist way. hope i'm learning a lot from you dudes