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  1. Haiku Chain

    The lich does not flinch, The bitches thirst will not quench, Now you're in a pinch.
  2. Haiku Chain

    Saunters out the door, Oh shit, guess who's back again? Just a random guy.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's the urachus. It's where the embryonic stem cells formed a blastula before they began to differentiate, making you. It's sort of where all the atoms in your body started in the womb.
  4. Haiku Chain

    To see who they are. Take a glimpse into the mirror, Many reflections
  5. The MCO is Taoist fundamentalism

    Yolo, go hard or go home! If you are standing on top of a bridge that you want to bungee jump off and you keep thinking about all the negative possibilities you will be standing there for a very long time and in fear. The only way to succeed in your mission of jumping of the bridge is to stop thinking about it and do it. Much like MCO, it doesn't require thought, just a change in focus of awareness away from the eyes. Don't look, don't think, just do. Unlike in Bungee jumping, in MCO if problems arise you can deal with them as they manifest. If your mission isn't to bungee jump off the bridge then get out of the way! (And what are you doing on the bridge in the first place?) P.S. This is just the perspective of one radical sorcerer.
  6. What are you listening to?

    I'm listening to the drone of the computer fan and the chirping birds.
  7. The MCO is Taoist fundamentalism

    I like this train of thought . . . I think that the phenomena that MCO describes is more than the basis for itself, but the basis of all spirituality. Each just has their own way to describe it with their own focus in some cases. I personally think that there are other adequate methods to describe the phenomena rather than to subscribe to any particular one ..
  8. Haiku Chain

    Now where is that self, Fixed in monoperspective, I only see me.
  9. Haiku Chain

  10. Pranic Healing a Fraud!?

    Pranic healing is like giving a man a fish when he needs a fishing pole. Pranic heal yourself. If cheating yourself is fraud then, yes it is.
  11. Haiku Chain

    False advertising, For there is nothing to own, Except for yourself.
  12. Haiku Chain

    Distractions from now, aid the history long past, Now is the product.
  13. Do you cease to exist ?

    You can't cease to exist when you never existed in the first place.
  14. Kundalini?

    Root, or coccyx is probably easier to find with awareness or focus, because it is at an end point of the central bus-line of the CNS, imo.