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  1. Hello Everyone

    Spotless, I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I did a search and found a teacher on some master list. I have emailed him but have not heard back yet. Most of the yoga around here is Prana Yoga. I will keep searching Thank you so much for you assistance! Brenda
  2. Hello Everyone

    Spotless, Thank You so much. Just reading what you wrote has relieved me immensely! I will do what I can to move forward! I was over thinking some of the verses of Tao Te Ching and starting to get really frustrated inside because of my situation. Still learning but knowing that I can do this has set me free again! THANK YOU! Do you know of any good videos for Qi Gong? I have been calling all the martial arts nearby in my city and there is no one who teaches it here that I have found. Thank you so much! Brenda
  3. Hello Everyone

    Thank you Dan, i have put it on hold for the library I just finished reading Nature's Way and Mother Earth Spirituality also Am thankful for finding this group and you all. Brenda
  4. Hello Everyone

    Dave, Thank you so much for letting me know I wasn't alone in my feelings. And thats funny, I was just looking into a martial arts class and was going to start as soon as I have a vehicle again. I understand on the obsession part and will try not to do so, but i think its because people like us want peace so much that we are willing to go to the extreme to get as soon as possible. I will try to focus on what my balance is and keep going Thanks so much! Brenda
  5. Hello Everyone

    Basher, Hello. to answer a few of the questions. I had been through counseling for a year. In my situation, my counselors actually told me to cut them out of life completely. I however didn't feel right about that and so I choose to just stay away as much as possible. And she is both lonely and controlling. At the moment she is living with us until her sale of her house happens, then she will find a new house to live in in my city. Her being here is just hindering everything I have been working towards for peace. I appreciate all your words Thanks, Brenda
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hello, I am new to Tao. I am very much still learning and absorbing everything. I have a question to ask though and need to explain briefly on the situation... I was abused physically and mentally growing up. I have long since forgiven but have not forgotten everything and worked through many scars... My dad passed away last year and now my mom is increasingly becoming co dependent on me and trying to again control my life.. Over the past almost 30 years I have tried to just not be near any of my family members as much as possible..but now my mom is around all the time and i feel very uneasy and stressed.. I am still learning.. but i do not know if i can still keep avoiding these people to stay peaceful or is there any insight anyone can give me to help me... Thank You! Brenda