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    Hello from middle England, well I found myself here by chance - never posted anywhere like this before! I'm an INTJ - living "in the grip" as they say - it's actualy called depersonalization, been there for far too many years and it's not a lot of fun! I tried Yoga a number of years ago and actually benefited from it - didn't keep it up though, I'm not good at routines. I figure that it wasn't the Yoga itself but, the clearing of my mind that the good effects came from - trying to remember the moves bought me too much back to reality(my reality!) all the time and prevented me from staying in the meditation state. I'm here to find out what it's all about, what people make of it and hoping that I can make something of this too. By the way, I'm not your typical INTJ and wouldn't want to be, I guess because the grip has had me for so long, I don't have the focus the others have. So there you go, I'm Yeti - and you thought I was just a myth......Ha