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  1. Kuala Lumpur

    Hello Doea any one know any systems or teacher in KL Malaysia. I have studied some neiging styles while in China and would like to maybe pick it up again. The styles that resonated with me the kost while practice were Bagua which i would regard as my main Nei gong, and taiji chen and wudang. Recently i have been spontaneously doing some xingyi round the apartment so maybe that is a sign. I have seen a few schools but i kbow from experience mot all teachers are equal and would like to know if anyone has recomendations Thank you in advance
  2. Fixing intention

    These past few uears... certain things have not been going my way. I dont know why but just alsways seems to be a bump in the road. Lately i have been working on idenftying and fixing my intention. Maube i have been doing the right things for the wrong reasons Does anyone else have experince if this? Did it work?
  3. Reincarnation

    Hello I'd like to know people's ideas on reincarnation. My wife and I have been trying to concieve for a number of months so far unsuccessfully. We are about to find out if this month is the month. My wife has some symptoms but we have learnt that it means nothing. Also, my wife's grandmother has been sick for the past few years. In recent months has deteriorated very quickly and we found out today that she was taken to hospital. Everyone is getting ready for her passing, which at this point is more of a blessing I was speaking to my wife about reincarnation. She said she had thought about it before and this morning, before we got the news, had thought and voiced out how nice i would be to have her grandmother reincarnate as our daughter. Her grandmother had a hard life and my wife's wishes are that if she comes back as our daughter she would have an easier life and one where she could fulfill her potential rather than looking after others all the time. Also also, my wife and I took a large role in looking after her grandmother over the last 3 years befire we moved country. Interested to hear opinions
  4. A neigong joke

    Right.... Oldy but goodie, stop reading if yiu have heard it. GHANDI Ghandi walked barefoot for much of his life and through this practice developed alot of tough skin on his feet. In his later years Ghandi became quite weak and frail. Ghandi was a mystic. Due to his odd diet Ghandi was known to have quite bad breath. So taking this all into account you could say he was...... Wait for it............. A super calloused, fragile mystic, hexed with halitosis. Thank you and good night
  5. A neigong joke

    Ok i have to join... A monk walks into a pizza place and says to the waiter....... "can you make me one with everything?"
  6. What does your diet look like?

    I bounced around woth a few things I experiemented with vegetarianism but found that i had no energy. For the past year I have been low/no carb and found my body reacts very well to it. I eat a lot and i like to work out hard too.. martial arts and lifting weights. A very low carb diet helps me do this. However, if i feel like having a pizza I sometimes do. Depending on where the want comes from. Your post comes at a good time for me since I am fasting again right now. This is my third timw doing a 3 day water fast... i may go beyond 3 days this time but i'll see how it goes. One thing i have discovered while fasting is, it gives you a chance to asses your relationship with food. When the want to eat comes up you can identify if it is from hunger, from addiction, from boredom, or the need for taste stimulation ( this is a big one for me) From there you can break down and have a look at your relationship with food.
  7. Santi for the lungs : but other organs ?

    I have never heard of santi focusing on the lungs Pi quan focuses on the lungs but not santi As long as you balance your practice left and right there is no imbalance
  8. Favourite qigong system

    Zhan Zhuang and the ding shi ba zhang of bagua. Still waters run deep
  9. Pain

    The first minute of this Hiw do you deal with pain in your life? Does living in the moment help? Through my Martial studies both external and internal i always felt pain physical mental and spirtual. In some ways it was the pain that kept and keeps me going.
  10. The title of this is something I have lived by for years However Should we try to affect the world or just concentrate on "bettering" ourselves. Through making our vibrarionn higher do we affect others or do we have to/ should we try to help those around us directly?
  11. Signs and life direction

    Hello Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. The advice and thought that was shared were helpful and comforting. I am not sure but my original post may have been brief as to my martial study. If yiu have the time and are interested in have detailed a large part of it here. https://tacticaltaekwondo.wordpress.com/2017/10/19/my-journ I only post this as it is somewhat connected to some of the responses. Once again, thanks for taking the time
  12. Hello I have posted a few times over the past couole of years about struggling with different things. Well, 2 years on and the struggle continues. After being a martial artist for many years, once again it seems that it is being stripped away from me. I am in a situation where i have no teachers and no students ( in the martial arts). My practice is solo and basic right now. Meanwhile i get to watch all my training partners continue to push themselves and progress in skills and accolades. Don't you just love facebook. I was also an avid lifter until recently. Through circunstance I don't have much access to heavy weights anymore and make do with different sorts of exercise, I won't trouble you with the details. I also got a mystery injury at the beginning of the year which still hampers me a little right now. It is possible that maybe i was being too yang?.. not that MA and lifting makes you 'yang' but there was little or no 'yin' to balance it out. I say this because as well as losing the aforementioned practices I have also returned to working with small children in my day job. This move in job wasn't by searching so much, but something that came to me without me even looking for it. I do feel a little confused about all these things and really just taking a stab at it. Just very frustrating. Does what i write make sense?
  13. Dripping water

    For the last few weeks or months water has been dripping on me I get changed in the gym there is a random drip of water I am in a coffee shop and there is water dripping on me Shopping, restaurants etc you get the picture When I say water dripping on me I mean actual water. Leaky pipes, fire systems, damp patches in the roof. I have a feeling some one is trying to tell.me something. But I have no idea what it is. I am going through low time and have been asking for guidance. If this is it, great! But I have no idea what it means Can someone, anyone shed some light
  14. In all the time I lived in China I never heard of the practice mentioned by the OP. A lot of traditional culture is being largely ignored by the current generation of Chinese. This is in part in am attempt to show the world how up to date China has become. Even where medicine is concerned western medicine has largly become the preference for most. You still see some herbal remedies and home treatments but maybe not more than other countries. TCM hospitals still exist but are very much the minority. There may be some provinces/towns/villages where this practice is going on still. If it did exist in the first place. As an aside, these days the countries outside of China with a Chinese influence such as Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia have done a much better job in keeping the traditional culture in some ways.
  15. After living in China for a little over 15 years I can say that I never came across such across practice as the OP described Maybe a log time ago but not now Especially in the big cities China is largely shunning the traditional practices in order to appear up to date. There are still some traditinal Medicine hospitals but these are vastly out numbered by the kind of hospital you would see in other places around the world. People will still take herbal or home remedies from time ro time but you'l